European Getway Aug 2011 (HTFD)


Hi All,
I’m from Melbourne Aus, looking at booking European Getway 20 Aug- 8 Sep 2011 (20 day tour), Just wondering if anyone else is booked in? I’m traveling solo… a little nervous but sooo excited, is anyone else traveling solo?

Sem :slight_smile:



My sister (Samantha) and I (Tori) are booked in for this tour. I can’t believe how soon it’s actually happening. Can’t wait.

We’re both from Perth, Aust :slight_smile:


Hey Tori,
I’ll be booking this trip in the next few days once I’ve finalised my holidays… can’t wait ;D… i spoke to one of the top deck staff members there’s about 20 ppl so far booked in for this trip… I’m arranging to be in London 2-3 days before the tour, are you and your sis going to be in London a couple of days before the trip? it’ll be good to catch up with a few ppl before the trip begins… this trip is going to be great!! spk to you over the coming months. :slight_smile:


We actually arrive on the 10th of August however we’re heading to Barcelona and Ibiza first. We should be in London on the 19th as we fly in from Ibiza that morning so would be nice to possibly meet up the day before the trip on the 19th or something. Maybe grab some lunch or dinner and get ourselves pumped for the trip :slight_smile: Glad to hear from someone on the same tour, was becoming a little worried haha.


Hey Tori,
I won’t be on this trip… hope you and your sis have an awesome time :slight_smile: