European Gettaway


Hey People!![br][br]My Friend and I are going on the 18 day European Gettaway tour departing on the 15th of October (12 Days to Go!!!)[br][br]Just wondering is there anyone else out there joining me and my friend???[br][br]Can’t wait to go as I’ve never even been on a plane before let alone overeseas!!! Any tips for me??[br][br]-Carly


Hey there Carly,[br][br]I actually just finished the exact same tour. We left mid September and returned yesterday. It was fantastic, and a great introduction to what Europe has to offer.[br][br]We had a great mix of people on the trip, and a fantastic top deck crew. The food was great, and there were quite a few restaurant meals included as well.[br][br]Here are a few tips I can give you:[br][br]1. Go up the Jungfrau railway in Switzerland, it’s expensive but the coolest thing I have ever seen. I’m from Canada, and I live near a lot of mountains, but this was unbelievable.[br][br]2. Bring a sleeping bag and a pillow case. Many of the places you will be staying will give you a pillow (with the exception of Germany), but some will get a little cold without a bag.[br][br]3. See the Sistine Chapel. I almost didn’t because the line was quite long. It was worth it.[br][br]4. Don’t always feel the need to hang with the group. There is a time to do so, but I was able to see much more of what I wanted by taking off on my own or with one other person. There are lots of people on these trips and you will get to know everyone. Make sure that there are a few that you get to know really well, it will make things that much better![br][br]5. Have fun, Top Deck does a great job of getting you to the places you want to be, and all you have to do is be on the bus at the right times.[br][br]Have fun though, I don’t see how you can’t![br][br]Aaron


Hey Aaron,[br][br]Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some tips I will take note of them thankyou![br]Im glad that you had a great time and Im sure I will as well!![br]I’m so excited only 1 week to go for me!![br][br]Have a good day![br]-Carly[br]