European getaway?


hi guys

im looking into doing a tour of europe later this month. am thinking of june 26th for european getaway. im also looking at a similar tour on contiki its the european encounter and it costs a little less than this and is their superior tour. im just wondering what this tour is like - all aspects of it. ive heard that on top deck you do get to see more of the city as you have more free time which is one of my main reasons to go to europe - see the different sites take in the culture. also im 22 and i do wanna have a good time and ive heard that the top deck tours are a bit less going out type - is that true - now im not going to go out and get drunk every night like what ive heard of contiki but i do wanna have a good time when i can esp in the bigger cities where the nightlife is also another part of the experience. do you get to actually experience the city nightlife or is it more of a if theres a hotel bar there’ll be some ppl doing that but not really?
im just super confused right now and i need to make a decision fast as i only truly have 3 weeks or less to prepare for my trip! thanks!!


Hey there!

Myself and three other friends are actually booked onto the June 26th trip - We haven’t been on Topdeck ourselves before but were definately recommended it by others who had been previously. Although Topdeck seems to have a reputation of being less party hard than Contiki Im sure there will be people up for a good night whenever/wherever as well.

Our little group are all 20 and have every intention to have a few(several) hard nights out so if you do end up on the European Getaway, there are 4 people ready to go out! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps a little!