European Getaway / Trail to Berlin - Sept 17th


Hi there TopDeck Travelers,

I have search Facebook and the forum and so far have only found one other traveler on this tour. Where is everyone???



hey there i am going on this trip as well so excited.


Hi Dee!

Finally I have found someone else. I have been searching for a few months now and have only found one other girl from Australia.

You can add me to facebook if you want (It’s hard to find me by my full name). It’s getting very close now. I’m so excited! How old are you? Male/female? Are you traveling alone or with friends?

Talk to you soon!


hey i am 29 female from New Zealand . I am traveling alone.i wonder how much people will be on our trip. how about you r u traveling alone or with friends.


Hi Dee,

I’m a 26 year old female from Canada. I am also traveling alone. I contacted Top Deck and they informed me that there are approximately 20 people signed up for our tour so far (this was approx 2 weeks ago though so it may be more now).


hi im going on this trip as well, im from sydney australia, im travelling alone


HI Emilie!

It sounds like most of the people who travel with Top Deck are from Australia or NZ. It looks like I may be the only Canadian. How old are you? Like I told Dee, you can add me to facebook if you would like! Shanna De Rochie or

I can’t wait. I hope you’re as excited as I am!!!



Hi All!

I am departing with my friend Nicky on the 17th of September.
We are both from Perth, Australia. Getting very excited!

Looking forward to meeting you all x


Finally people are finding their way on to this forum :wink: I’ve been searching for months lol. It’s getting very close now… Soooo excited!