European getaway tour


HI there [br][br]is anyone doing the European getaway tour… leaving london on the 3rd Sept??[br][br]Would love to chat to someone that is [br][br]Simone


Hi Simone[br][br]Yes I am going on the Euro Gettaway tour starting Sat 3 September. It’s my first time over to Europe and UK so very excited, still trying to figure out what to pack, have never done a tour thing before usually just travel on my own![br][br]Cheers[br][br]Tanya


hi there tanya [br]this is my first trip also… my two best mates are going on it also… but going on their honey moon first then meeting up with us.[br]so where are you from in australia? how old are you? when do you arrive in london?[br]my email is so that we can chat more…[br]simone


bummer…wrote a long post and lost it.[br][br]I’m Lisa, I’m doing this same tour with my new husband Gordy. We are the honeymooners!!![br]We are going to Greece (top deck tour)for a few weeks first then meeting up with Simone in London to do this tour.[br][br]Looking forward to all of it.[br][br]We are from perth, Australia[br][br]Where are you from Tanya?


Hi Simone and Lisa[br][br]Well I’m from Canberra (yes freezing at the moment!) and I’ll be 27 just before the tour starts (1 Sept).[br][br]I’ll be arriving in the UK on Wednesday 31 August and will be celebrating my birthday on Thursday with a mate who now lives in West London. If either of you will be arriving to UK early you are more than welcome to join us at some pub on Thursday night (have no idea where we are going just yet :-).[br][br]Anyway my email is[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Tanya


hi there tanya [br]ill be arriving at wake up london on the 30th - are you staying there? would be cool to meet up and havea drink for your bday! mine is also going to be on the trip… in amsterdam hehehe.[br]have you packed yet? i havent started - i will be this w.end though…nothing like leaving it all a bit late… lol[br]simone