European getaway September 9th -29th


Just curious as to who’s going on this trip and how much money everyone is taking and if you’re taking cash or cards.


Hey Hey! I just booked today for this one! i was told my bank do like travel cards so I’m thinking that would be easiest with money! i’d love to chat if your going these dates!


Hey ebs yeah I’m going these dates but I’m gonna take pounds and convert to euros while traveling because I’ll get a better exchange rate from pound to euro


This is my first time traveling so I literally have no idea what i’m doing! Any chance you want to add me on fabulous Ebony Beardmore, i’d love for some advice and we’ll be on the same tour!


Added you any questions just send me a message


Hey guys! I’m pretty sure I’ll be on this tour, just checking it’ll fit in with my other travel plans! I’m from Sydney travelling solo


Awesome just add me on fb Amy shawyer and I’ll add you to the group chat


Hi ladies, I just book the last spot on this trip and I’m so excited! I’ll be flying out of Sydney as well @sophiecate if any of you have seen an extra trip that you are looking at doing let me know and I might tag along. I was looking a moulin rouge myself not sure if it’s worth the $$ if any of you girls are interested message or add me on fb Kirsty laird


I just added you on fb and I’ll add you to the group chat on there because the app isn’t working for a lot of people.


Hey Guys, I’ve also booked this trip…so excited! Add me on Facebook - Jessica Liccione. Im from Darwin travelling solo.


Awesome I’ve just added you :grin:


Hey everyone! I’m doing this trip also! I’m from nz flying solo eeeeek!!! Add me on Facebook as Skye Taylor :blush: