European getaway September 22 - Oct 11 / 2018


Anyone booked for this trip?! :grinning:
I am a solo Canadian girl & i think ima book right away!



Well I booked! somebody, anybody? any of ya thinkin about it? :yum: I cant be alone here


Hey Iโ€™m also going on this tour aswell
Canโ€™t wait!!!


Yay! im not alone! Where you traveling from?!


Iโ€™m from Australia only 39 days to go
If you want add me on Facebook Cam Depane


added ya.
You traveling alone?


Hey Cam and Kelsey. Highly recommend downloading the topdeck app on your phone as it has a chat forum with people on your tour. Sounds like your tour will link in with mine :blush:


Awesome! We also have a facebook event created for everyone!

European getaway! 22nd Sept