European Getaway Questions ?!


Hey guys
So im planning on going to do the European Getaway tour in October and would like to chat to people who have done this tour or similar around the same month!
I want to know about the weather and how cold itll be - and would also like to know how you guys booked? through a travel agency or just online the topdeck website?

Thanks :smiley:


Hi Chanelle4, It will be very nice to visit Europe in October as it is best time to visit Europe according to me. As far as mod of booking is concerned i suggest you to go online for the same. Anyway wishing you a happy trip. Have fun!:smiley:


Hey Marry,
Thank you heaps, I’m hoping it’ll be a little less crowded in October - last time I went was August and it was crazy busy!
Do you know the approx temps over there? I was told it’ll be in the teens ! :grin: