European Getaway questions and answers


Ive just come back from this tour -20 days Euroclub and had the most AWESOME time and know that everyone travelling with Topdeck love it! If anyone has ANY questions about this tour or anything regarding travel in Europe/UK Id be more then happy to answer them[br][br]Christine[br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]


I do…[br][br]Firstly Whats the security like in the places you stayed. Like to store your passports wallet etc[br][br]Secondly What kind of pillow did you take? What kind of towel did you take?[br][br]Thirdly What optional extra did you do in paris. Did you do the cabaret show?[br][br]That’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll think of more.[br][br]Shannon[br]European getaway Sept 5th


How much did you spend on the tour?[br][br]What was your highlight?[br][br]What would you recommend doing as optional extras?


Hey Deanna,[br]I spent about $1000 on the tour, but I hardly brought any souveniers The majority went on Optional Extras and food- on days when we had to get our own dinner we often ate as a group in restaurants rather then individually.[br]I did nearly every optional extra except for sky diving. All were well worth it except for the Berlin Pub Crawl, I only did this for the David Hasselhoff t-shirt and cause all my mates were going. I did the cabaret show in Paris cause I always wanted to see a show, from what I heard the cruise was OK, but cold and no drinks allowed. The Jungfrau in Switz and Paragliding in Austria were my favs. My highlight was swimming in the Mediterrainian in Nice.[br]Sassy,[br]The security was pretty good, dont be alarmed in Switz, there are no keys for the doors but if you lock your stuff then its fine. We had no probs what so ever. I would always keep my passport on me just to be safe.[br]I look a beanie pillow just for sleeping on the bus, had no room for anything bigger but pillows are provided in every place that are good. I had a microfibre towel which was brilliant.[br]Keep the questions coming :smiley:


Thanks Chrissy, thta was veryhelpful. I fly out on Saturday and cannot wait.


What did you do bag-wise? Did you have big pack, small daypack and then a handbag? Did u just leave ur packs on the bus/hostels when you were out and about and just take your handbag around?[br][br]Did you carry cash on you (or in your luggage) or just have small amounts on you and withdrew from ATM’s regularly?[br][br]How much did you spend each day approx (so how much would you recommend budgeting on average per day)?


Hey Jessica,[br]I had a 72cm suitcase, a backpack and a ‘handbag’ that went over my shoulder. As you said packs went in the hostel, handbag with me and anything I didnt want stayed on the bus. I carried cash, I felt safe carrying this around. I get charged WAY to much to constantly keep taking money out. Spending varied-days you have to get your own lunch/dinner were more expensive, days travelling were cheap optional activity days are usually the most expensive. You wont spend 50Euro a day but this is an average amount for the 20 days.


How did you do your washing. Was it mostly hand washing in the sink or were you able to use a washing machine?


Hey Sassy,[br]We used the machines in a couple of places, most are open late. In swizterland, the machines are good but the dryers are ****, the best places are in Italy. Be careful though- in Italy the campsites use a card system to pay for everything-you put cash on the card and use it like an eftpos card so you have to get tokens for the machines. Otherwise I did hand washing in the basins. :smiley:


I’m a little bit confused, Do I have to get my own Visa (I’m australian citizen with an australian passport) my travel agent says no the passport is fine, but i see the words visa everywhere, just want to make sure?[br][br]Is my AUstralian Passport fine? (28day Grande European)


Hey Santana,[br]No visa’s required. Your Australian passport will be fine. Aust has an agreement with most European countries (western anyways) that allow you to enter without any questions. Dont stress, have fun you will love it[br]Christine :smiley:


Thankyou! pretty excited for it start it on 30June. Got exams to concentrate on in between then. [br]Thanks Again. [br]


What did you pack. I have no clue what to pack.


Hey Sassy,[br]Pack only what you will definetly wear, don’t pack maybe’s. Take shorts, skirts, t-shirts etc. If you are going up the mountain in Switz you will need a warm jacket and scarf. When you go into churches/the vatican you have to cover your shoulders and above the knees. We only got ‘dressed up’ twice, in Monaco and Amsterdam on the last night. Take a decent pair of walking shoes, flip-flops (thongs-hope youre aussie) dont bother with heels unless you are good at walking long distances in them. Swimwear for sure, then essentials like towel, toiletries etc. I wish I could be more help, just remember you have to carry it, pack it.


Thanks chrissy. That helps a fair bit. I’m so nervous ill forget something. Hey what was the longest time you spent on the bus?


Good info thanks Chrissy! I have a few q’s too…[br][br]Did you or others go out much at night ie pubs & clubs? [br][br]Did you need a jacket other than in Switzerland?[br][br]How many people were on your tour? Was the bus comfortable or too packed?[br][br]Thanks![br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


Hey Sassy,[br]The longest days on the bus are Paris-Switz and Berlin-Amsterdam. However, you may get there quicker. Paris-Switz, the main road was closed and our driver got ‘slightly’ lost (was hilarious) and Berlin-Amsterdam there were 2 accidents on the motorway. Both days were 10.5hrs[br]Mike,[br]A few of the guys went out in Nice, Rome, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam but most of us stayed at the bar at the camp-cheap drinks and no taxi’s basically. Depending on when you are going, prob wont need a warm jacket other then Switz, or for the bus (the aircon gets quite cold) There were 41 people plus crew, bus seats 46 so we always had a few seats spare and was really comfy. Take your i-pod if you want to share tunes or zone out and if you have any dvd’s worth watching they will play them too


during that 10.5 hours did you stop often? Did many people get sick on your tour?


There are really strict rules for bus drivers in Europe so we had to stop atleast every 2hrs for 15min. Usually had about 30min for lunch so stopped about 3 times per leg if not more.[br]We all had a cold by the end of the trip-2 girls got on the bus with it and passed it around and apart from a few severe hangovers that was it.


what was the meals and food like?