European Getaway October 13 - Nov 1


Hello friendly travellers,

Just another shout out to see if anyone is going on this tour? Im travelling solo for the first time and will be spending some time in London before I go. Hopefully it wont just be lil ol me on the tour… :slight_smile:


Hi Amy! :slight_smile:

My name is Jiro. I’m going to book this tour in a few days.
(the European Getaway leaving on the 13th Oct)
I’m a guy from Japan. Call me Jiro :slight_smile: Travelling solo as well,so I’m glad I found other person
on the same tour.

So excited! but kind of nervous. That’s why,I’m not good at speaking English.
I expect it’ll be hard for me to communicate with everyone in English.
But I want to enjoy the trip and make friends with everyone on this tour.
And I’ll try to do so.

I’m looking forward to seeing you(and everyone). Thank you! :slight_smile:



Hey Amy,

I booked this tour! Can’t wait!

btw,what part of Australia do you live?
Have you tried the App “Topdeck Meet”?
I used the app,and found out three members of this tour.

Anyway,I hope you find my post! :slight_smile:



Hi Jiro,

I havent tried the app - that sounds fantastic!

Im sure youll be fine on the trip. Im from Sydney and I cant wait to go! Im nervous too! but it should be amazing!

Ill give the app a go :slight_smile:

Thanks for writing back - its nice to know im not the only one going lol!




Hi,Amy! Thanks for your reply and kind words.

Yes,you are not the only one. At least,there are 5 people on the tour,I think :smiley:

Is this your first time in Europe?
The only time I’ve been overseas is to Seattle USA.
So,I’m excited! What place in this tour are you interested in?

I can’t believe our trip is so soon,only about 2 months to go now!




I just booked this trip today!
and i’m also going alone, aahh scared, but so excited
i should be in London a few days before we go too :slight_smile:


Hi Nicole!

That sounds nice! Are you going to stay at the Clink78?
I’m staying at there on the 11th & 12th.

You are scared? No worries. You are better than me :slight_smile:
Because I’m not a native English speaker,and can’t speak English!
So,I’m soooooo scared!! haha! :slight_smile:

Anyway i’m looking forward to seeing you



Hi Everyone! I’m Jenny and i just booked this trip. This is my first trip to Europe and i’m travelling solo so excited!! :slight_smile:
I’m flying from Sydney and i’ll be staying at Barcelona for a few days before joining you in Paris. Can wait to meet everyone B-)
Anyway this is my fb:!/profile.php?id=100002893002828
Hope i can get to know some of you before the trip!



Hi Jenny!

I’m Jiro. This is my first trip to Europe and I’m travelling solo as well.
Could you open this link?

Topdeck’s fb:

Although I’m not an Aussie, there are many Aussies in there already! :slight_smile: