European Getaway.. Oct 16th!


Hi Guys,[br]Im traveling alone and just looking for people who are joining me on the tour! Im from Australia and keen to chat to my fellow travelers![br][br]xx


Anybody with me??


Hi Em,[br][br]Im travelling with you on European Getaway! Woot! Im so excited exactly a month today until I get into London! Are you going to be there before hand??[br]


Hi Bonnie…[br]Wow im so excited to have found someone! [br]I know Im on the countdown… I arrive on the 4th Oct! [br]Where abouts are you from? [br]Im in Perth, Australia…[br][br]


I know I found your post just before the Forums went down! Im travelling alone aswell![br][br]Im an Army brat but for the last four years I have called Canberra home. What are you up to before our tour starts? I can’t believe we havn’t been able to find anyone else on our trip… On all the other posts people seem to have found at least a couple of people on the same tour?[br][br]How are you going for clothes… its such an in between time for weather in Europe… I know I am going to end up taking waaaay to many clothes ahh!


Im going to have a yrs working holiday in the UK and i have family there so b4 the tour im just relaxing… Wat about you? Wat are your plans for afterwards?[br][br]Clothes is always a mission for me, i always over pack! Trying to cut down tho… Maybe more warmer stuff with the odd t- shirt! [br][br]Im sure ppl will find us… Are you on facebook or myspace?[br]xx


Thats awesome! I have family there also but i’ll probably just see them while I am there instead of staying with them… I have 4 nights booked at the globetrotter before the tour. Just keen to see the sites around London, other than limited family I don’t actually know anyone there so it will be interesting. No plans after so far… I have an open ended ticket and a british passport so I guess I will see what happens! [br][br]Im on facebook… you can find me at, Maybe we should start a group for European Getaway 16oct 2008!?


you sound alot like me… [br]Ive got a year ticket and my brit passport! and just taking things as they come…[br]I had my best friend living it italy but she has run out of money and is coming home! So i wont know too mny people…[br][br]Yeh a group sounds gd…[br]


hey guys im on this european getaway as well. its getting close now![br]I made a facebook group for this tour, did you guys make one? i cant find it?


hi skoota! [br]Not long now… so excited!![br]Wat are your travel plans??[br][br]ill search your group…[br][br]