European Getaway - May 5th-May 24th


Hey, I was just wondering if anyone was planning on going on this trip? Though it is not guaranteed, it falls on my birthday and I just want to make sure it doesn’t get cancelled.


Im looking into this tour as well as the Summer Fun Sailing one.
I wanted to do a tour in May then hopefully meet some other people who would be keen to travel after the tour has finished i.e. June??
Anyone else in the same boat?


Hey guys
I’m considering this one, not 100% sure yet. Are you guys travelling solo?
I will be so just wondering who else will be in the same boat too!
I live in Perth :slight_smile:


Hi Ellie

Yes I’ll be traveling solo as well.
What are your travel plans thus far? Are you considering any other tours?

I want to make up my mind soon so I can take advantage of the earlybird discount.



Hi Lucy

No real plans just yet. Will probably spend a couple of days in London prior to the tour then I wouldn’t mind checking somewhere else out after. Thinking maybe five weeks away all up so maybe going somewhere after the tour and staying for a bit longer to check it out.

What are your plans?

Ellie :slight_smile:


I’m arriving in London April 27th and then do a tour through may and then hopefully meet people along the way who wouldn’t mind traveling back or checking out some new sites along the way until end of June.

Is just the the European getaway tour you’re looking at right now?


Yep just looking at the European getaway at the mo, just started looking the other day. I have a cousin in London so will prob stay there for a couple of days before the tour. Wouldn’t mind doing Croatia or Greece for a bit after. Not sure yet really! I’m gonna keep researching.

What other places you keen on?


Im really keen to check out Croatia and have heard Lake Bled in Slovenia is pretty cool. Amsterdam and Belgium would be fun too.

Let us know if you decide to book and what dates etc


Awesome. Croatia is def on top of my list too and considering its not included in the tour might be a good place to check out afterwards. I reckon it would prob be cheaper to do it outside of a tour I might look into it aswell. The tour finishes in Amsterdam so might have the option to stay there instead of go back to London?
I’ll prob book the tour first and then book flights after when I know what I’m doing


Just googled pictures of lake bled woowww! The waterfalls in Croatia look amazing too! Looks like must see places!


Hey guys, my friend and I booked this trip about a month ago, we’re so excited! I’m really hoping it’s not cancelled haha. Hope you book this!


Hey girls!
I am looking into booking this trip. I will most likely be arriving April 28 or so, and wanting to check out a it of London firsT :slight_smile: then do the tour, have a couple of weeks to see whatever is on the cards, then off to America!


Hey ladies,

I’m booked on this trip and really looking forward to it. Hope you’ve all decided to book up!

I’m travelling alone but not coming as far as you guys. Can’t wait to meet everyone and start sightseeing.

Dawn :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

I’ve just changed my tour to this one. I am travelling solo as well :slight_smile: