European Getaway May 31


Hello everyone. I am going on the European Getaway trip leaving May 31. I am traveling by myself and will be arriving in London on May 28. I will also have 8 free days after the trip before I begin studying abroad in Spain. I would love to meet up with fun people before/after the trip, and would love to talk to anyone going on the European Getaway.[br]Happy travels!


Hey there Kim[br][br]I’m leaving NZ on the 8th may for London , im doing the Getaway on the 17th may and cant wait , this is a really long overdue holiday .[br][br]Brendan


Hope you have fun! I know it is long overdue for me too. I can’t wait! Let me know how your trip went.[br]Kim


Hey Kim![br][br]i am also going on the european getaway may 31st, and have extra time after to travel. I am really interested in traveling around in spain and seeing barcelona, madrid, san sebastian etc. So if you are planning on traveling there, or wherever, i am looking into doing that too!


Hey Katie! I will actually be studing abroad in spain afterwards and wil travel to Madrid etc. with that. I will actually be living in Santander which is on the northern coast of Spain near San Sebastian. Will you be arriving in London before the departure for Topdeck?


Hey Kim,[br]yes I plan on departing from London with topdeck in the beginning of the trip. Is that where you are going to start from? That’s neat that you are going to be near san sebastian. I hear that’s a really fun place too. When does your study abroad program start?


Hey Katie,[br]I will be leaving from London also. I get in on May 28. My study abroad program starts in Madrid June 27. I think I will be traveling through Ireland before that. Are you still thinking of traveling to Spain after topdeck?


Hello Kim and Kate,[br][br]I’m taking the Grand European Tour on the 31st May as well. I am from Sydney and will be leaving for London on the 25th of May.[br][br]I haven’t started any preparations but chatting with you guys would be a good start…[br][br]Jo


Hey Jo,[br]I will be there early as well so we will get to meet before our trip. Ever been to europe before?


Hey Kim,[br][br]No, I haven’t been to Europe before. How about you?[br][br][br]


Nope this will be my first time also. I’m so excited- I leave in less than 2 weeks!


Hey Kim[br][br]I know, it’s less than 2 weeks!! M also getting excited.[br][br]Are you staying at Globetrotter Inn the night before? I am just about to make a reservation after reading that meeting time on 31st would be at 6.30am! [br][br]And are you attending the pre-departure meeting? I might be heading to Dublin so wondering whether I should book a flight that would make it to that 7pm meeting.[br]


Hi everyone, I am also going on the 20 day eurpoean getaway leaving 31st May. I fly out of Australia on 29th May to Paris (As the travel agency messed up my flights) So i hope to catch up with you all there. This is my first tour as well, very excited. Would love to hear from others. I also have a few days after the trip in London before heading off to Croatia for a week. Chat soon Leisa


Hi Leisa,[br]From which part of Australia are you coming from?[br]Looking forward to seeing you in our tour :slight_smile:




Look forward to meeting you to. I attempted to start getting stuff together today but didn’t get far. Good to hear from you. thank Leisa


Hey Jov, yes I will be at globetrotter for actually 3 nights before we leave. I am planning on going to the pre-departure meeting. I’m not sure how essential it is to go. Let me know how Ireland is, I’m going there when we get back to London after our trip.


Hey Leisa, cant wait to meet you! I’m trying to start packing too and I have to move home for the summer at the same time! I haven’t gotten too far either. Hope all your planning goes well


Hey Kim, just booked my flight to Dublin. Will be at Globetrotter around 9.30pm. Looking forward to meeting you. One more week for me! [br][br]Leisa, I’ll be packing up on the weekend so let us know how you go. For sure we’ll make progress over the next few days!


Hey guys, nearly all packed a few item i have to chase up but all is good. Where are you from Kim? Good to hear from you all. Chat soon Leisa