European Getaway May 18th 2019


Hi All,

I’ve just booked the European Getaway Leaving May 18th and was wondering if anyone else has booked this trip yet?

I’m From Australia and am travelling Solo for my first trip to Europe.



Hi there, I have !:point_up:
I am also travelling solo
Nice to meet you!


Oh nice to meet you too, where are you from?
Still quite a while away before our trip but good to know I’m not the only solo traveler :slight_smile: .


Hey! How is it going Elise?
I’m from Brazil. I am very excited for our tour!
Is it gonna be your first time in Europe?



Yes first time to Europe for me, so I’m pretty excited. how about yourself?


Me :blush: I’m going solo from NSW. Can’t wait!


Hi Sam,

Oh Awesome, I’m from NSW as well, glad there is a few solo travelers on this trip :slight_smile:


Oh cool :grin: I’m up near Byron Bay so it’ll be a big difference on tour.
I’m very nervous but hopefully we’ll be a good bunch & we won’t feel like solos for long!


Oh nice, Byron’s beautiful, I’m in Sydney, will be great to have another solo Aussie on the trip I’m nervous too, as it’s ,y first time to Europe but also super excited.


I booked tour for Prague.