European GETAWAY May 15


I think I have seen a post for every other tour out there, but this one!!
Are there any others on the European Getaway departing May 15??



Hi. I am coming on this tour on the 15th May!!! I can’t wait :slight_smile:


I’m Jess by the way. Heading over to London from Australia on the 8th May and staying with friends until the tour starts. My first time in Europe and going on the tour alone, so a little nervous but I have no doubts I’ll be meeting amazing people :slight_smile:


Hey Jess,
We are heading on the 14th - right before the departure of the tour. We stay for an extra 9 days after the tour.

No one else?


Hi there,

Myself and my husband are on this tour for our honeymoon and the countdown is on!!

My name is Renee and his name is Ricky and we are from Melbourne Australia.

Where are you guys from??

Looking forward to meeting you, not long now Woo Hoo


My Name is Sally and I am heading to London from Australia on the 14th as well. This is my first over seas trip and i coming by myself which im really nervous/excited about. Where are you guys staying before the trip?


Hi Sally,

We are heading ove the 11th May and are staying at The Americana Hotel before the tour as The Clink was booked out!! Bummer coz really wanted to meet people from the tour before hand. Where abouts in oz are you from???

Getting pretty excited!! No need to be nervous!! Your going to have a ball and meet lots of people!!1

YAY 2 weeks today until i leave!!


Hey guys,

Oh thats no good, i have yet to book pre accom so i should check out where u guys are stayin.
Im from Kyabram which is country vic near echuca.
Im gettin really excited starting to pack and organise all of my stuff, cant wait.


Hey guys,

glad to see some other people are on this tour :slight_smile: I’m Jess. I’m from Adelaide in South Australia and 24 yrs old. I am travelling over on my own leaving next Saturday 8th May. I’ve got a week in London before the tour starts and am staying at the Clink Hostel the night before. Only just got into a room though as it looked fairly booked. I’m getting so excited, a little nervous at the same time but look forward to meeting everyone on the tour. We are going to have an amazing time!!! I am having nightmares about packing tho!!! That’s going to be the worst part.


Hey Jess & Sally!!

Jess, I was born in Adelaide and have family still there!! I know im soooo excited too!! Not long now matey!! Cant wait to meet u guys!! I know i wasnt sure if anyone else was on our tour either until these messages!!

Sally i know Kyabram, i lived in a echuca for a couple of years when i got back from Os last time. Look forward to meeting u girls!!!

Packing is a bit of a stress but take as little as u can, coz u can buy up over there!!!

See ya’s coon


Hahaha it makes me laugh how small Australia really is! Where abouts in Adelaide are your family??


I am so excited!!!

My name is Wendy, and my husband’s name is Mario. We are from Canada, and arrive on the 14th.

Renee- Is the Americana Hotel close the Clink? We have yet to figure out the details as to where we are staying beforehand.

Sally and Jess - can’t wait to meet you ladies!


Hi Wendy!!

Look forward to meeting u guys!!

The Americana is at Baker St so a few tube stops away. Couldnt really find anything closer.
Not long now!!!


Hmm maybe we will book there too and that way we can meet before hand!

I found one close, but it was really grungy!


Yeah sounds awesome!!

What day are you guys arriving again??


We arrive May 14th, but suprisingly the Clink still had room, so we will be there for the first night…
Would of been nice to meet ahead of time especially another couple!

What is everyone plans after the tour? Anyone spending more time in Europe?

How’s everyone packing coming along? I am debating bringing a blowdryer… I am for sure bringing my hairstraighter as my hair goes wild and I have naturally curly hair.

My biggest fear is overpacking… and underpacking!!

Just a 11 days left!


Can’t wait to meet everyone. I am trying to think about packing as we speak as I leave on Saturday. Its soooo hard to know what to pack and what not to pack. I am spending more time in Europe after the tour. I have a week in London before the tour, then after the tour I am heading to Scotland with some friends of mine who live in London. Then a friend and I are heading over to the States, I am sooooo excited. Not many sleeps left… How about you guys?? Heading anywhere else??

I decided not to pack a hair dryer. Its a big call and I hate not having fun, but I’m def bringing my hair straightener. Girls will be girls. I’m sure someone will have one :slight_smile:

I just had no idea what clothing to pack as no idea what the weather is going to be like… Someone pack for me :slight_smile:


Ok massive typo, clearly I am too excited and not reading what I am typing. When writing about the hair dryer, I was supposed to say I hate not having one instead of having fun! Random!


Hi Wendy!!!

I arrive on the 14th as well and am stayin at the Clink Hostel.
What time are you guys arriving?
Cant wait to meet everyone its goin to be awesome!!!
OMG the packin is doin my head in backpack no backpack or suitcase instead argh!!!
Not bringing a hair sryer either but definately a straightner.

Ps how is everyone getting from the airport to Clink? Tube or Taxi?


Jess that is so quick! Hope you pack everything you need if not I am sure you can pick some up there. For some reason I think it’s gonna be chilly/rainy. I checked the weather today and most places we are going to are cloudy with chance of rain… :frowning:

*Question: What are you ladies doing for toiletries? Buying there? Bringing your own? I am thinking of buying there that way it saves me some pack space.

We have an additional 9 days afterwards and we catch a flight to Madrid to visit some family for a few days. After we flight back to England and take the tube to Exeter a smallish city about 3 hours away from London to visit some friends we met in Jamaica!

Casey! That is so awesome. I hope to run into you there! We land in Gatwick at approximately 1 pm ish, and we are thinking of taking the tube to the Hosel which is abt an hr tube ride. So hopefully we get there anywhere from 2 - 3 pm. I think taxi for us would be to pricey considering we arrive in Gatwick.

-If you not going anywhere after the tour I would maybe look into a suitcase. Have you looked at backpacks with wheels?