European Getaway May 12 2012


I’m from sunny Queensland and am heading over to London a few days before the tour.
Just wanting to know if anyone is going to be on this tour? This will be my first solo trip and I’m getting excited! :slight_smile:


I’m from Perth, My flight from London arrives the night before the tour starts (fingers crossed I don’t miss it :slight_smile: ) I’m also travelling solo. Is anyone staying after the tour? I’m booked in at the Clink 78 for 5 nights after the tour ends.
Glad to see there’s at least one other person going!


Me too! I was getting worried that one was was talking about this tour. I’m looking to stay in London after also. Have some friends that I’m going to try and catch up with.
Have you been on a tour like this or similar?


Nope this is my first tour and first time overseas, I’m super excited! Well, looks like we’ll have a lot of legroom on the bus then.


Here’s hoping they manage to get some more numbers by the 12th of May! :slight_smile:


Hiya, I’m from Perth too and I’ve got 2 mates coming with me. We’ll be staying at the Clink 78 the 4 nights before the trip. We’re only staying 1 night after though. Counting down the days now :slight_smile:


I’m staying in London 2 nights before also, not at the Clink though, another Hostel. Getting excited now!