European Getaway May 07


Hi, I am looking at doing European Getaway in May, before working in the UK. I am 22 from New Zealand, and just cant decide if i should do it this yr or not (go overseas!). I will be on my own so thats getting to me, if i can hack it!! Its a long way to go just to come home again 3 wks later… Is anyone else thinking of doing the same tour?


Hey Joanna :)[br][br]I definitely think you should go this year!! [br][br]I am 24 and I’m going on the Euro Odyssey (17 May - 3 June) and Bravo Italia (22 June - 4 July) on my own and, yes, it’s scary!! But imagine all the fabulous experiences you will have… there’s no way you’ll regret going, but you might regret not going! My advice, book now, panic later! That’s what I did and I just can’t wait to get travelling, 11 weeks until I fly!![br][br]Have a great time planning!![br][br]Tammy ;D


I agree!! You HAVE to go!![br][br]I am doing the Spirit of Europe (16 Sept - 9 Oct) and the Edinburgh Mini Break, the London Stopover adn then i am also travelling back to Germany and Italy to visit my friends who live there.[br][br]I am 23 and travelling on my own - my first big trip overseas!! i am nervous, but I am so excited!![br][br]I agree with the book now and panic later!! Jump in!! go for it!! You never know when you can do it again![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Thanks guys! I am leaning towards going…im giving myself a deadline to decide coz its getting close! i am so bad at making decisions, but just doooo it might be the best option.


Hi Joanna![br][br]I’m booked to go on the Getaway on the 3rd April and I did exactly what the others are saying…I booked without even thinking about it and now am sooo excited (as well as terrified!!) But I definately think you should go for it, this is my first trip o/seas and I think its gunna be great!


Hi Joanna[br][br]I agree too, Just do it! I needed some persuading & did some research ha ha but i finally went ahead & booked my trip! Im booked to do the European Getaway leaving the 29th may. Im 23, travelling alone & im very nervous but sooo excited!! Looking forward to meeting heaps of awesome people & having an experience ill never forget! [br][br]Mel:)[br]Newcastle NSW Australia[br]