European Getaway leaving July 10 2010


Alright folks- who is in!? Getting very excited…




I’m in! So is my sister Josephine and our friend Liz. We’re going to Greece and turkey on the 19th of June for a couple of weeks, then in London for a week before we start our tour on the 10th. I’m going to the USA after as well, but without the other two. Its getting pretty close, can’t wait to meet everybody :slight_smile: Its going to be awesome!!! What are your plans?



Yay! :slight_smile: That sounds absolutely amazing. Im strictly doing the topdeck trip: no additional trips before or after. I just graduated and sadly, need to spend the second half of my summer looking for a job. :frowning: But, am completely excited. What kind of bag are you bringing? I’m going shopping this week for one…


Congrats on graduating! :slight_smile: You travelling with friends/family? I’ve already got a wheely suitcase thing. I don’t really want to buy another one so i’m using the one I’ve got. It all depends on what you prefer. I think my suitcase will be a pain sometimes as its not a backpack, but since you are just going the tour you’ll be fine whatever you bring. Just read up on what size limitations topdeck have on luggage.


Completely traveling by myself. :slight_smile: A friend of mine just bought me a backpack- its not super huge & the measurements are up to par. It comes with this detachable day pack but I’m concerned about looking like a tourist. :slight_smile: ha. Yeah- I forget we arent truly ‘backpacking’- just moving our luggage from one place to the next. very excited!!!