EUROPEAN GETAWAY Leaving 18th September


My name is Andrea, I am travelling alone and was just seeing who else was taking part in this trip leaving september 18th- october 7th :slight_smile:
Look forward to meeting you all. :slight_smile:


I am! From Australia, going with 2 friends.
Im so excited, cant wait.


Hey Andrea
Great to hear from another person on are trip, some of us already chatted about a month ago and i think it worked out that there’s about 10 Ozzy’s one Kiwi and a Brit on our tour so far. Some of us are meeting up at the Clink bar on the night before the tour if you want to join us, it should be heaps fun. ;D


Ahh awesome :slight_smile: Thats exciting! I thought it would be full of Aussies!
Sweet as, I am booked in to stay at Clink that night before so will definately love to join you guys at the bar! I’ll be just getting back from Greece that day :slight_smile:
I didn’t even think to look on here a month ago, but thanks for replying :slight_smile:
Can’t Wait!