European Getaway- June 8th


Hi Everyone,[br][br]Just booked my tour for the European Getway June 8th…i’m so excited.I’ll be travelling by myself (i’m 19) so wanted to pop on the web to see if anyone else was going at the same time.[br][br]I have been to Italy and France before but can always see them again and will be spending some time with my family before and after the tour.[br][br]I am going in my uni break so i have a lot of study (ie stress) before i go but will try and pop on here as often as possible to see who else is coming.[br][br]P.S i live on the gold coast so would love to meet anyone doing this tour wholives in the area before hand.[br][br]Speak soon


There must be someone else doing this tour…please!!!


Ok so it look slike no one is going on the tour with me ha ha![br][br]But if anyone has been on this tour and give me some hints like what to pack, what i need, how much money, things to see and do etc. that would be great. And of course i would love to hear stories about how the trip went.