European Getaway June 8, 2013


Just booked the European Getaway Tour departing June 8th and will be travelling solo.

Let me know if your on this tour too :slight_smile:


I’m booked on that tour as well, leaving London on the 8th. I’m travelling by myself too, never done anything like it before so I’m bit worried about meeting new people but hopefully lots more post on here before we leave :slight_smile:


Hey Jack and Nicole.
I’m from Sydney and I’m gonna be doing this tour leaving the 8th too. Yay. Haven’t been to Europe before and cant’t wait. I’m going to be traveling solo too. Looking forward to meeting you both. B-)


Hi Guys,

My partner and I are also doing this trip. I did a EuroClub 36 day tour a couple of years ago with a girlfriend and it was the best time of my life!!

Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:

Karlee & Kurt ;D


I just booked this today and am going by myself too!!!


Hey there

Just bought my tour today and am yet another solo traveler. Can’t wait till June!!


Hey guys
Me, My twin sister and my best friend have booked this tour also! It’s going to be great! Hope to meet a lot of new people ;D can’t wait !!


Glad i’m not the only solo traveler! Are you all staying at clink the night before?


Nah. I booked at the nearby Travelodge because I fly in the day before the tour and clink can get noisy.


Oh geez I hope its not too loud.

I am arriving on June 7 in the early morning and staying at Clink that night, but really only for convenience.


Hello! My friend Georgia and I are going on this tour too! We’re both from NZ.
Excited to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

Im also looking to go on this tour, just about to book. But am sooo glad that im not the only nervous solo traveller :slight_smile:


Ya you are definitely not the only nervous solo traveler! June cannot come fast enough. I am super excited :slight_smile: Sarrah did you decide to book this tour?


Hey! I’m from Mexico and I will join to you in Paris, I’m another solo traveller. I’m so nervous!!


hi i am from Sydney i just bought this tour and it my first time to go solo traveler
i will be in London 2 day earlier if anyone want to join wondering around in London i will be stay in at clink just for convenient


Hi! I will be in London on June 7 in the morning and staying at Clink as well. If you want to travel around i’ll be more than happy to join you, as I will be travelling solo too.


Hey all, im on this tour too. im from Adelaide travelling solo, very excited!! ill be in London a few days before the tour aswell so im keen to catch up :slight_smile:


hey guys, couple of us are on the Facebook Topdeck page, if any1 is interested here’s the link


I’m Scarlett, 18 from Australia…will be doing this tour with my best friend :smiley:


That best friend is me! :slight_smile: I’m Cara, 18 from Australia as well. We’ll be joining in paris… anyone else doing the same thing?