European Getaway june 4th-23rd 2016


Hi everyone just booked this tour for june next year…so excited!!! First time solo traveler so a bit nervous but hope to get to know a few people before we go :blush:


Hi Sarah. I am also booked on this tour :slight_smile: First time travelling on my own. I’m from New Zealand. Very excited for this trip!


Hi lulu
Yay someone else on this trip :smiley: I’m from Queensland, Australia. So excited too


Are you doing any other travels around or just this tour? Really looking forward to this tour, just need it too hurry up and get closer now!


Not really I’m in london the day before tour then another 2-3 days after tour and you?? I no I’m so ridiculously excited but it’s still like 200 days away lol


Cool sounds good :slight_smile: Yeah I’m doing some more travelling after but this is my first tour! Hopefully it will be here before me know it


That’s great, I would love to travel more but between work and budget it’s not gonna happen lol… My first tour too :grin:. Haha im counting down already… Feel free to add me on Facebook if u want… Sarah Duffy :blush:


I will also be on this tour! Then I am off to Greece for 10 days doing the Greek Island Hopper starting on the 25th of June.
Travelling with my fiancé, sister and friend.
How exciting :slight_smile: Cant wait!
We should make a facebook group!

Amy :slight_smile:


Hello Amy
Yay another one to book the trip how exciting!!! Ohh I wish I was doing the Greek island hopper lol
So where are u all from?? Add me on Facebook or a group if u want Sarah Duffy ( in the pic I have green hair lol)


We are all from Sydney, Australia :relaxed:

I tried to search for you, but wasn’t 100% sure which Sarah Duffy you were haha.
Pretty keen for this holiday! We thought, well why not make the most of it and go to Greece too. Then we are off to
Malta for 3 weeks (where my family is from) So 8 weeks in Europe! :slight_smile: Even have to quit my job for this because they didn’t approve my leave. Ohwell you only live once.



Woohoo only five more months until we are all in Paris!!! Not that I’m counting or anything :grinning::grinning:


Can’t wait!


So excited :slight_smile: So apparently when I spoke to someone last week they said already 41 people have booked this tour. Why aren’t they on here :frowning:


Wow looks like we will almost have a full tour then! Maybe they haven’t found us yet :wink: btw i’m Luzaan and I’m from Auckland New Zealand :smile: Counting down for the tour!


Wow how exciting!!! Definitely counting down :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: how did u guys find out about your numbers???


I spoke to someone from top deck and they told me :slight_smile:
Pretty excited :):slight_smile:


Oh cool… I no 4 1/2 months left :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Hey guys
So i will also be on this trip with my husband and best friend
I cant wait :slight_smile:
We are from Newcastle Australia


Yay welcome :grinning::grinning::grinning: how exciting only 4 months to go!!!


Sweeeeet!!! :smile:
I am going with my Fiance, sister and her best friend.
I spoke to a Top Deck agent and they said most hostels have separate gender rooms, but you can discuss it with the tour guide when you arrive and you may be able to get a spot with your partner. All depends on numbers.

You are welcome to add me on facebook Amy Helen Ale, but inbox me aswell as I decline people I don’t usually know.

4 Months to go!