European Getaway June 4-23 2011


Hey, I have just booked this trip :slight_smile: This is my first big trip away and am so nervous but so excited! Would love to hear from anyone else coming on this tour.



Hey I am going to be on this tour as well :smiley: are you just doing on this tour or are you travelling other places as well?


Hey I just booked this tour as well and wondering if any single travellers were going …or when everyone was going to be heading into London as I have not travelled alone before and would love to meet up with some people before the tour :slight_smile:


Hey i am going solo and im going to be in london the day before the tour if that helps? :slight_smile:


Yay, I’m going solo too :slight_smile: So good to know I’m not the only one! I’m going to be staying with my sister who lives in the London for a couple of days before the tour, so I would definitely be keen to meet up beforehand. I’m going to do a bit of traveling after the tour but nothings set in stone yet. How about you guys?


im travelling around the world for another few months, round both Europe and America


I will be flying in on the 3rd so it would be great to meet up with some people and see some of the city before I leave as I am out the day after we finish sadly I don’t have enough time off work :’(


hey just wondering, how old are we? me personally I am 18, but just wondering if you feel you can say it :slight_smile:


I am currently 22 will be 23 by the time we get on our trip


Hey people, im looking at booking a trip this week, this one looks awesome, just wondering if any of you knew if on the “check availability” tab that if Guaranteed departure means its booked out or if they have enough people so far to make the trip go ahead but is still available…? Cheers :slight_smile:


from what i know, guaranteed departure just means that this trip will definitely be on, where as ones they are not guaranteed will only happen if there are enough people booked in, so yea give it a shot :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

To clarify ‘On request’ normally means that the trip is nearly full so we need to contact our suppliers before we can confirm the booking. If a trip shows as ‘available’, it is on sale but not yet a guaranteed departure - of course as more people book onto these trips we are able to guarantee them, and very rarely do we have to cancel a tour (especially during the peak season when most of our trips get sold out!). ‘Guaranteed departure’ means that we have guaranteed it will go ahead.

Hope this info helps!

Topdeck Team


I’ve recently turned 26 :slight_smile:


Beautiful, thanks for the help…

Looks like im booking this tour next week :slight_smile:

Cant wait to get it going!!


I am now booked it YEAH!!! I can’t wait for this trip to start … is everyone staying at the Hostel we start/end at ???


yep, for one night before and after, at least i think im staying there a night after


I am in the Night before and the Night we are back in London but I am back to Canada on the Friday afternoon


Hey Guys

Me and my boyfriend have recently book into this tour =).

I cant wait it - looks like so much fun =)

we will be staying at the clink hostel for 3 nights before hand.


Tommy- will you be heading to america after europe? me and my boyfriend luke will be heading there for 3.5 weeks after we finish in europe? :slight_smile:


I am going to America but not at the same time that you are :\