European Getaway June 29, 2006


Anyone out there going on this tour??? Only a little while to go!!! I’m wanting to get in touch with some people who are going on the tour, make conversation before we start…I’m from Brisbane, Australia, and am going on the tour with my boyfriend…we’re 19years old and REALLY looking forward to it!!! It’s my first time overseas so would love to here from you guys !!! Get in touch ![br][br]:o);D Tab ;D:o)


Hi :)[br][br]I’ll be on this tour as well and I can’t wait. I’m flying into London on the 18th and will be travelling around the UK for the 10 days before the tour. I’m from Melbourne and will be travelling by myself for the first time so it’s great to get in contact with other people before I leave. When are you guys arriving in London?[br][br]Sara :slight_smile:


hey, yeah not long to go. me and my best buddy jen will be on this trip. we both cant wait. When are you getting into England? and where abouts are you traveling before the trip? im in liverpool at the moment. x x


Hey Debsy[br][br]I arrive in London on the 18th June, then go to Newquay, Leeds, then around Scotland for a few days. I get back to London on the 26th June and will be staying at the Globetrotter Inn until the tour starts. Where abouts are both of you staying before the tour?[br][br]Sara :)[br]


hey Sara, we are both getting into London on the 28th, about mid-afternoon. so we could meet up then. What are you doing after the trip? woo im getting so excited. x x x


Hi all[br][br]I just finished the Euro Odyssey tour a week or so ago and just wanted to get you all excited by letting you know that it was an absolute scream! I had the time of my life…a very pleasant suprise. Topdeck is the way to go, definately. So much fun and such good staff.[br][br]Sammi[br][br]Sam Moore


Hey Debsy, [br][br]That sounds great. I’m getting so excited now. I leave in 4 days ;D The day after the tour is my birthday, so I’ll be spending the day in London and i’ll be flying back to Australia about 10pm that night. What about you guys, what are your plans? Where abouts are you both from?[br][br]Sara :slight_smile:


Hey![br][br]I am going on this tour…getting very excited! I am from Gold Coast in Australia and this will be my first travelling experience by myself so a little nervous. Stayign at Globetrotters Inn before the tour starts and arrive there on 27 June so hope to bump into some of you…[br][br]Judy


Hey Judy[br][br]It’s my first time travelling by myself too so I know how you feel :slight_smile: Really excited though ;D Would be great to all meet up before the tour so we have a few familiar faces before it starts. [br][br]Sara :slight_smile:


[br]Hey Sara,[br]It’s great to hear someone else is also travelling by themselves!! It will be a great trip - i am looking forward to it. Well it will be good to catch up with you. See you soon! not long now ;D[br]Jude


Hey Team Party Bus![br][br]Well so far it looks like I’m the only guy on this tour. Or perhaps the only guy geeky enough to post on this message board. Either way is fine by me.[br]I’m 23 and am from Perth, Australia. I study commerce and music and I just got home from my last exam for the semester.;D[br]I’ve done a little bit of travelling before, mostly in Asia. But this is the first time I’ll be travelling alone. I say alone but with all of you people there with me I’m sure I’ll be far from lonely.[br]Anyways I’ll be rocking up in London on the 23rd? I think (not the best planner). I’ll be staying with some friends until the night before the tour starts when I’ll be crashing at the GlobeTrotta’[br]Am very much looking forward to making some wikid friends and having an awesome time! See you all soon.[br][br]Blair[br][br]all your base are belong to us


HEY GUYS![br]Im Jen, Debsy mate! So it looks like us two are the only Brits on the Bus, good stuff![br]I can not wait! Looking forward to Rome the most![br]Ickle bit about me: im 20, LOVER of films, doing television production at uni, love Snow Patrol (going to see them in AUGUST!!!). Deb is my best mate, we both live in Cumbria which is in the North West of England, one hour away from Scotland. Most people think from our accents were from either Newcastle or Manchester.[br]Looking forward to meeting you all! A WEEK TO GO!!![br]Jen[br]x


Hey Team,[br][br]OK well I’m just off to bed now before I have to get up early and catch my plane. No doubt I’ll spend the entire night wondering about what I’ve forgotten instead of sleeping. Can’t wait to get over there to some warm weather. See you all on the bus![br][br]Blair[br][br]all your base are belong to us


Hey Guys,[br][br]Wow, so close i am getting very excited… cant wait to meet you all. See you soon i fly out on sunday![br][br]Judes


Hey guys,[br][br]Hope u r all up for a great trip. Did someone say fun? The party bus awaits, and Rome - so much to see!! There are a few traditions to uphold - the mulle`tt flick, the moustaka competition, the Lemon Cello-off, toga party, Bunny’s Pub (need I say more about Austria…?) and the rest.[br][br]C ya’ll soon! :)[br][br]Nobby[br][br]Work is for people who dont know how to travel


The Pants Dance Will Never Be Forgotten It Is Now Eternal & As Cristian Said Should Be On The Front Cover Of The Top Deck Catalogue!![br]JoeL


No Dramas got home HOME (hotter than Rome- what up with that???)!!![br][br]Miss you guys. Ive been telling my mum everything and she is greeeeen with envy. [br]Mwhahahahahahahahahahaha gobble gobble gobble.[br]I wanna come to OZ land and NZ land. England is soooo 3 weeks ago.[br]How the F A do I get a picture on the board. Ive got some ace ones.[br]Off to town tomorrow to get my photos developed, tis gonna cost me a fortune (800 odd pictures). [br]Does anyone elses bag STINK:p? Just me???[br]I could go on forever as to how much fun I had but for now…[br][br]Keep Chatting guys and dont forget the BRITS!!![br]GO SAKBANZ!!![br]Love Double G[br]xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hey Guys,[br]here is the address to Bunny’s Pub in Austria with the photos the staff took of us when we were there. [br][br]JoeL


Jen,[br][br]my weblink is to a album page on that is one mob you can go with, another is yahoo and just link the photos to a msg on the boards.[br][br]Boz (Byron)[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Hey guys[br][br]Arrived home first thing this morning to a lovely Melbourne winter morning - a ‘relatively cool’ 1 degree was the way the pilot on the plane described it![br][br]Spent the day sleeping and trying to organise my suitcase, and yes, mine does stink too Jen![br][br]Had a fantastic trip and had a great time with everyone.[br][br]Take care[br]Sara[br][br]