European Getaway June 28th - 17th July 2016


Hey Guys !

A mate and I are doing the this trip next year departing London on June 28th ! Just keen to see who else is going !



My best friend and I are doing this tour too, we cannot wait!

Nicole :slight_smile:


No way that’s awesome ! We super excited too! Where you guys coming from? :slight_smile:


We are from Melbourne! What about yourselves? :slight_smile:


Oh wow ! We are from Perth ! Is it your first time away with Top deck ?


Awesome! Yeah, it will be our first time traveling with Topdeck. What about you guys?


Yeh same here :slight_smile: my mates name is Paige haha :slight_smile: what’s your mates name ? :slight_smile:


Claudia! :slight_smile: We are joining to tour in Paris though, not London :slight_smile:


Ok I’ll keep that in mind ! We have a couple days in London before and after and then Paige will go home and I’m going on to Athens to do top decks Greek island hopper ! :slight_smile:


Wow! That sounds amazing!! :sunny: :smile:


Yeh I’m super excited ! Wanted to drag out the holiday as long as possible haha :slight_smile:


Totally agree!! Can’t wait to meet everyone that will be on the tour :smile:


Me either !! :slight_smile:


Hey @Molly1 and @Nicole_ my best friend and I are also doing this trip. From Melbourne too haha!


Hey Liana

Haha seems I may be living in the wrong state!! Are you guys going from London?



haha :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah we are arriving in london on the 26th with 2 days to explore :slight_smile: are you?


Sweet ! My mate and I are arriving lunch time on the 26th and are staying at Clink 78 :smiley: where are you guys staying?
I have a few days at the end of our trip as well, do you? :smile:


Oh nice we are arrive at 6am haha :grinning:, i think i booked clink 78 yesterday also! We have to catch the train 4 stops to get to the top deck place! Our flight leaves the 18th at like 5pm so we have the 17th at night and 18th in the morning! :relaxed:


Haha wow you will be exhausted! Awesome we will be able to travel to Wombats for pick up together if you want !! You are organised knowing the train route already !! I considered walking it because apparently at that time of morning everything takes hours but having looked at the map walking at that time of morning may be a lil bit of a struggle ahahah :slight_smile:
We tried to get into Wombats to save the travel in the morning we start the tour but it was booked because Wimbledon cup starts that week !
Yeh my mate leaves on the 19th and I leave on the 20th to go to Athens :slight_smile:


Cannot wait to meet you both :relaxed: