European Getaway June 26th


HI, [br]Was just wondering who else will be on the tour. I’m going on my own and just hoping to find out a little about the people who will be on it also. [br]I can’t wait, it’s nor long to go now. [br](:[br][br][br][br]–Jorja[br]European Getaway June 26th[br]


Me me me![br][br]I made a topic for this but no one replied! I was getting worried! Haha.[br]It’s very close now hey…I’m getting a little nervous actually. =D


Are you going on your own or with friends?? I’m going solo, so excited. [br]But sadly have many uni exams before I leave.[br][br]–Jorja[br]European Getaway June 26th[br]


I’m going with another friend. [br]My name is Jess…21…live in Sydney![br]What about you??[br][br]Aaahhh I love not going to Uni…no exams for me! =D[br][br]Goodluck with them!


I’m Jorja, and 18. Currently stuck in Canberra for uni, but home is the Gold Coast. [br]Are you staying in London before the trip starts? I’m staying at the Globetrotter hostel for 3 nights I think.[br][br]–Jorja[br]European Getaway June 26th[br]


How funny…my friends call me jayjay too…=D[br]Awww man Canberra! How boring for you! That place is a hole haha. [br]I think we may be staying at the globetrotters the night before…we arrive on the 24th…staying with some friends. So I’m not sure what the plan is yet. [br][br]Are you traveling after the tour?[br][br]


Yea, I know, Canberra- not the most happening place ever… lol.[br]I’m going to Dublin for a little bit after the tour finishes, then I’m back off home to start uni again, grrrr. But I’m leaving Australia next Sunday night from Sydney, so I’m getting v. excited about everything. [br]Have you travelled much before?[br][br]–Jorja[br]European Getaway June 26th[br]


Awww how exciting!! Do you have family in Dublin??[br]I have never traveled before at all. This is the first time, so I’m extremely nervous and scared. We’re going to Greece after, then over to Barcelona…and to be honest it’s not really organised, which makes me even more nervous. But we’ll figure it out, I hope!![br][br]We fly out Monday morning. [br]Do you stop over anywhere?


I’m stopping over in kuala lumpur for like 6 hours… not looking forward to that. But, no, no family there, just thought it would be nice to see, and not to much $$ to ghet there. [br][br][br]–Jorja[br]European Getaway June 26th[br]