European getaway June 18


Im doing it… who else is with me… not long now its gonna be awesome


My brother and I are also doing this trip, we are so excited! :slight_smile:


Awesome cant wait to meet everyone! ill be joining in paris. add me on facebook!
lucienne galea


I’m on this trip too! are you and your brother staying at the clink before the tour Ben?


We are staying at the Clink before as well, I think we are getting in at like 8AM or so. Its cool that others are also staying the night before, I decided to because it allows the longest sleep-in time, lol


Yeah I’m not a early morning person so staying at the clink before the tour is a must lol. i’m getting pretty excited. only 24 days till I fly out of Sydney :slight_smile:
I’m going to be in london from the 15th of June so i get a few days to explore on my own before the tour starts


I am going on this trip aswell, should be great :slight_smile:
I am staying in the Clink the night before too, glad to see other people are aswell ;D


We should definitely meet for dinner the night before if there are a bunch of us staying at the Clink! By the way my facebook is Ben Jennings (I am the one in the black winter coat and touque, how Canadian, eh :slight_smile:


Yeah I think that is a good idea. I have added you on Facebook Ben, or at least I think I have…hope i got the right person!


My Facebook is Elese Murray - pretty sure i’m the only one that comes up


Hey everyone I am Ben’s brother. He pressured me to join this so it took me a few days but finally I got around to it. anyone can add me on facebook David Jennings


hey guys im doin it aswell with 2 of my mates fron syd. also stayin at the clink :slight_smile: hope u all got ure party pants on . add me on fb brendn bal bolla


Hi Brendan

what day are you and your friends flying to london? Ill be leaving from Sydney as well on the 14th of June


Just got the list of optional activites, which activities are people thinking of going on? p.s. I got my party pants ready to go!



im doing this solo…it’s my first eurotrip :smiley: super excited! i leave for paris on the 13th June to participate in a competition so will already be there, but cant wait for the tour to start!!

add me on facebook - Miche Erin Marquard



and yes i have my party pants on too!


hey elise
we not leaving till the 15th an stopping in korea for a few days aswell so will only get to the clink the arvo before our tour :frowning: .
but its good to know that you all are bringing the correct attire …(your pants)


Ok, for everyone interested in meeting for dinner the night before the trip leaves, is everyone good with meeting at the front reception of the Clink at 6pm?


Sounds good to me. I’ll actually be staying at the clink for 3 days from the 15th onwards so if anyone else will be there for a few days I would love a sight seeing/shopping buddy


Yeah that is good for me, looking forward to it :slight_smile: