European Getaway-June 14th


Hey guys,[br][br]I posted a similar forum to this a few months ago but no one posted. So was wondering if anyone has booked on this tour yet. Am travelling alone so i really wanted to speak to some other people in my tour before i left…


Heya[br][br]Sorry im not goin on your tour, Im on the same one a month later leaving July 12. I put a forum up too and no one has replied :frowning: so i thought i would be nice nad reply to you. [br]Hope you have a great time on your trip and no doubt you will come out of with some awesome new friends.[br][br]Have fun x


Hey![br]I’m going on this Trip!![br]I live on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. I will be turning 19 on the trip, i think i worked out that we will be in Berlin on the day! 29 June! This is my first Top Deck trip! I’m so excited. I am staying in England after the trip to work in a pub or something. [br]I’m going to London 3 days before and am staying in the globetrotter hostel. I fly out of Brisbane on 11 June![br]Tell me abit bout yourself. Is this your first top deck trip? have you been to europe before?


Hey,[br][br]I am so glad to hear from someone. I am also 19 and from the Gold Coast lol! I live in tweed Heads and work in Elanora. I am leaving Brisbane on the 8th June…4 days after i hand in my last assignment! So i am very busy before the tour as i have to finish all my uni work.[br][br]This is my first Topdeck tour but i have done some travelling before. I have relatives in England so have visited them and spent a few days in Venice, Rome and Paris but will be good to see it all again. I am staying with relatives before and after the trip but i am doing a day tour with my travel agent (she is going on a contiki tour at the same time and is young as well) to see stone henge etc. I am also going on the Edingburgh trip after, are you? The trips start on a Tuesday (the day our tour returns) so i couldn’t go taht week but i am going the week after.[br][br]So where on the Gold Coast do you live? We should meet up before the trip. Oh i am so excited to hear from someone else and can’t believe we are the same age and live so close to each other…weird! [br][br]We betta get back to the study but hope to hear from you soon


Hey! i live in Palmbeach, off 19th ave!! [br]haha i work at cocktails and dreams and at the convention center! i graduated in 2005 at Elanora High…[br]Nah im not going 2 Edingburgh i didnt get the cheap discount i booked to late! yeh we should definlty catch up before we go! omg how exciting! haha! do u have myspace? my name is jess by the way lol i forgot to write it last time!


So weird, My friend from uni lives at Palm Beach and used to go to Elanora, her sister was probably in your grade, her name is Hayley Lowe. I work at Jeans West at The Pines! I go to uni at Southern Cross at Tweed. When should we catch up.Less than 2 months to go how exciting![br][br]


here is myspace address


Hey kristy_lee,[br]Can i ask what tour company you guys are doing your stonehenge trip with???[br]Cheers,[br]Siobhan.


your friends names haliey or her sister? is her sister called kristen? she was in my grade!! I no! not long now! omg! yeh i added you to myspace lol, im so excited!


My friends name is Hayley, bot sure what her sisters name is i’ll ask her today. Only set up myspace yesterday…have been really slow with technology ha ha but i have a tagged site![br][br]Hi Siobban, not sure what tour company it is yet, Have to speak to my travel agent again but will get back to you when i know


Oh yeh cool! yeh i went to school with her sister! When do you want to catch up?


don’t mind, i am free this saturday avo. I always work Monday avo, Friday avo and Sunday’s and go to uni Thursday avo but any other time is fine. When do you work?


hey! yeh im pretty busy atm, working 3 jobs to get more spending $$ for this tirp and wen i move to england… heres my number 0401579449


Ok cool, well just leave a message when u ahve a day off and we will try to meet up. Didn’t realsie u were moving to england, what will you be doing there. I ahve 2 friends moving there at the same time as well. Have you been to England before?


47 days to go! hahaha so excited, wat u doing on sat day or sun day?


Hey, i actaully had Saturday off so we could have met up but seen as it is Saturday now it is probablt to late lol. I work Sunday’s but i finish at 3.30 if you want to meet up.[br][br]So what are you most excited about seeing/doing?


haha well as its sunday now and probably too late! um wen are u free this week??


Hey, i have staurday off this week as well or we can meet up on Sunday when i finish work…whatever works for you.


Hey all![br][br]Im on this tour, a mate and myself are heading over from Perth, will arrive in london on the 9th of June… if any of you guys are arriving before hand, let me know and we’ll try to meetup.[br][br]Anyone else doing this tour from Perth? [br][br]My msn…[br][br]hope to talk to u guys soon![br][br]tc[br][br][br]lennon.


hey lennon! im arriving in london on 11 June, im stayin at the globetrotter until our trip![br]soooo excited!! arrhh!!!