European getaway Jun 1st-20th


Hey im a first time traveler to Europe looking forward to starting my tour,just doing a shout out to see who else is on the tour?


Hey Regan! My name’s Emily and me and my friend Alana are on this tour :slight_smile: we’ve found a few other people who are doing the tour aswell yay :slight_smile: do you have Facebook? Feel free to add me Emily paterniti :slight_smile: can’t wait for the tour!


Me me me…I am on this tour. Me & my bf will both be on this one. Feel free to add me. Sammi Donpon! Yay not long now!!


Hey emily i might just do that! Im also travelling with a mate to. Awesome you found other people doing it to .The more the better! Cant wait!


Sup bitches :stuck_out_tongue: I have now joined your stalker ways (Em and Sammi) haha

Feel free to add me on facebook to Regan, I have a common name so it may be easier to find me off of Sammi or Ems facebook (Alana Walker)


Hi! My name is Kelsey Webb, I will be going on the trip with you lovely people this June! Feel free to add me on Facebook, see you all in just over a month!


Hey kelsey, I already added you a while back :slight_smile:


Hi all :slight_smile: Ill be attending this awesome trip by myself now! feel free to add me on facebook
Sarah Richardson, i am a first time traveler will be spending a week in London first is anyone else? ;D