European Getaway- July 9th


We booked the other day! Is anyone going? :slight_smile:


Hey, Me and a mate are looking to book into this trip as well.

Looks like there are at least 2 other forum pages on this trip. We should get everyone to this one, so we can all catch up beforehand.


Hey yea I’ve booked this as well! Going with 5 mates. Are you traveling with anyone else?


Hey - yeah me and another mate. Two kiwi lads.

Is your crew all Sydneysiders?


Yea we all from Sydney. Add me on facebook:!/profile.php?id=674745223

Got a group going om facebook with a few other people I found on here who are also doing our tour.


Jimmy and I are officially booked on this trip, Cant wait


Awesome. You boys doing any other travelling or just the tour?


I’m going on this tour too… So excited! :slight_smile:


Hey Kimmy! Good to finally find some more people doing this tour! Last time I spoke to Topdeck they said our tour’s already booked out.

Are you travelling with anyone else?


Nope - it’s just me! I’ll be in Europe for 3 months, but am starting off with this tour - so exciting!
Are many other people staying in Europe after the tour?


Not sure about the others but me and my mates are heading to Spain for 10 days after the tour and them im doing a week in Germany by myself after that. How about you?


Hey everyone! So awesome to see how many people are coming on this trip.

Im booked in to come, and 2 girlfriends are joining me. We are starting with our own 2 days in London first, then doing the tour. Cannot WAIT! :slight_smile:


Hey Kimmy & Fran - good to have some more people on the tour.

Add us on Facebook - we’ve got a group on there, which is a lot easier to keep in contact on.

I’m James @
Then there is Tim
& Emily