European Getaway July 5th


Hi Guys

My friend and I have booked our places on this tour. We are two 25 year old girlies from Melbourne. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Hopefully we are not the only 2 on this tour… might be a bit awkward spending 20 days alone together.


Rena and Kim :slight_smile:


Hi Rena and Kim,

Myself and a friend are booked on this trip! :slight_smile: I’m 23 and Erin is 20.

It’s starting to get exciting!!



Hey, my friend and I are doing this tour as well, we’re both 22. we’ll probably see you all in london!


Hey guys, i am doing this tour as well and good to hear from more people! pretty excited


Hey guys, I am also booked for this trip ;D Going to be a blast! I’m 20 and name’s Greg. Pleased to meet you all.