European Getaway July 30 - Aug. 18 2016 or Aug. 13- Sept. 1 2016


Hello, I am planning on going on this trip but still not sure which dates. Is anyone going on this European Getaway 2016 ? I am an 18 years old girl from california. :slight_smile:



I am booked to do this tour from July 30 to August 18. Unfortunately my travel buddy just had to pull out so I am really unsure what to do and whether to still go! Who is doing this tour on those dates?


I’m 18 years old girl from California. How old are you? :blush: I’m also planning on booking that date for this trip!


24! I am still unsure whether I will be doing it or not now


I’m booked in for this tour from September 10 to September 29 2016.

My travel buddy bailed but I’m determined to go ahead anyways…I may have recruited another friend. Either way I think this will be a great experience and many people travel solo on tour. So if it’s something you want to do, do it! :slight_smile:



Once you booked the trip yu know where to go to reunite with the group? Did you received an itinerary? thanks


Im booked for the July 30 - Aug 18 tour :slight_smile: Im 18 from Australia and I’m going solo :slight_smile:


I’m looking at booking the 30th July one, am 25 from New Zealand and also travelling solo!