European Getaway July 2nd- July 21st 2016


Hey guys,

I have booked this trip, travelling solo (bit scary, but will be fun!!) Would be great to get into contact with people before the tour:)


Hi Rebecca! I’m Thinking to take the same dates… also travelling solo.


Hi Gabriela, oh that’s so exciting it looks like a really good tour- let me know if you end up booking:)


Hi guys so excited, my brother and I have booked this tour. We have also added a few extra days in London before the tour starts and are staying at the Wombats Hostel if anyone wants to meet before the tour starts :smile:


Hey Hannah,

Oh yayy we only have like 3 months to go, I am counting down big time- I am staying at the wombat two days before the tour (doing Ireland the week before) we will have to organise to meet up:)

I have booked a pass for a double decker bus to sight-see and than I have also booked to go see Aladdin at West End on Thursday June 30th as some activities to do in london!!


oh cool we should definitely meet up :). We have tickets to see Macbeth at the Globe on the 29th, there are so many things to do, not enough time haha


Hey guys, Hannah’s brother here. Looking forward to this one :smile:


Hey there friends! Me and three others mates will be doing this tour then too, and are verrrrrrrrrrrrry keen!
We are getting to the wombats hotel on the 29th and spending three nights before the tour!
1000000% keen for us to all meet up before hand and get the beers started.


Oh sweet we are all staying at the same place!! super keen to get the drinks rolling the night before, I only get to London on the 30th and have booked stuff that day to do already but can maybe meet up later that night too!


Less than a month until we leave!!! Getting so excited:oncoming_bus:


Hey guys! me and 2 other mates are going on this tour and staying in the wombats from the 27th June, just wondering if anyone else is going to tomorrowland!?


Hey, nope I am not going to tomorrow land!! I am sitting in Singapore airport now (so boring) but if any of you just want to add me on Facebook if that make it any easier to meet up the night before if you have no other plan - its Rebecca Fiedler and the photo of the for girls in ball dresses:)