European Getaway July 26


Hey everyone,[br][br]Just wondering if anyone else is doing the European Getaway starting July 26? I’m going by myself and would love to chat to anyone who will be joining me![br][br]Also - maybe a question for staff - the night before the tour leaves, I’m going to stay at Globetrotters but my flight doesn’t get in to Gatwick until 18:55 so I’m going to miss the pre-tour meeting. This isn’t a huge problem, right? I’m guessing I’ll get to Globetrotters by 8:30 or 9, so will the meeting still be going on, or is there someone I need to report to at that stage, or do I just show up the following morning?[br][br]Thanks![br]Niki :slight_smile:


Hey Niki,[br][br]I’m on this tour too and also going by myself. I’m 21 from Dunedin and I’m doing a bit of traveling round Thailand/Europe/Egypt before studying at Amsterdam for a semester. I leave in exactly one month - SO looking forward to it!! What part of NZ are you from? Doing any other trips?[br][br]Gemma:)


Hey Gemma,[br][br]Great to hear from another kiwi chick going alone! I’m leaving NZ next Tues, so am incredibly pumped about my trip ;D[br][br]I’m 22 and am from Auckland. I’m doing 10 days in the Greek Islands with a friend first, then my mum’s coming over for 2 weeks to see relatives, go shopping etc, then I’m on my own til September. I’m also doing a Croatian sailing trip, the Edinburgh mini-break, a 3 day western ireland tour, 3 day southern Italy tour, and going to Spain for La Tomatina, then spending 2 weeks in the USA on my way home.[br][br]Studying in Amsterdam should be awesome, I’ve got a friend who is doing pretty much the same as you, leaving in a few weeks time to travel round Europe before studying in Sweden.[br][br]I can’t handle the wait any longer, I just wanna go today!


Wow! You’re going all over - sounds awesome8-) only a few days to go, huh… Well, have a great start to your trip and I guess I’ll see you at the globetrotter in a few weeks:)


Thanks! I’ll try to check back with the forums when I get a chance to use a computer, so I can see if anyone else is joining us, otherwise see you at the globetrotter![br][br]Oh and as i said in my first message, i can’t make the meeting the night before, so if anyone asks, can you let them know that I am on my way? hehe, thanks, and enjoy the start of your trip too :slight_smile: