European Getaway -- July 13/06!


Well, after a long debate as to whether to book Contiki or Top Deck, I have finally made a decision and booked the European Getaway with Top Deck departing London July 13,2006! Whoo hooo!![br][br]My brother and I, both first-time travelers from Canada, are going together. We will be arriving in London a few days before the tour leaves. I am so excited and can’t wait until July!!! [br][br]I would love to hear from anyone going on this tour or who has been on it before! Any advice would be awesome (where to stay before we leave, what to pack, etc ) !!! [br][br]Thank You! :slight_smile:


Hi there, I’ve also decided to go on this tour. [br]I am also a first time traveller, but im going alone so would be cool to get to know some people before we go. [br]Send me an email if you like. [br]C you there!:slight_smile:


Hello!! Me too! Cant wait. ;D i am travelling alone so would be good to know a few names before we leave.[br][br]Amanda


Hey, there must be more people on this trip!! Starting to get exciting only 8 weeks to go…and counting! ;)[br][br]Amanda