European Getaway departing Oct 1


Hi, I’m Lora, I’m 20 am excited about going on this tour! A bit nervous as I’m on my own, just wondering if anyone else is going and would like to chat before we get there! :slight_smile:


Hi Lora! My name is Alana, I’m 27 and from Melbourne too. I am booked on this tour, also travelling alone :slight_smile: I know of one other fellow traveller booked for this tour, we are planning to meet up the night before. Are you staying at Clink?


Hey Lora and Alana. My name is Jason and I shall also be on that trip by myself.
I am pretty sure I am staying at the Clink also.
Should be an awesome trip. Weather is going to be alot different to Gold Coast weather haha.

Let me know if you want to have a chat before we get there :slight_smile:


hey guys, im andrew from perth i’m 23. ill be on this trip aswell. i’m travelling by myself aswell and would be good to meet up for a drink before we leave. im staying at clink for the 2 nights before we leave. i spoke to the topdeck people and they said that this tour is about half full atm with a max of 45 people.


Hi Jason,
The weather will be much like we are used to here in Melbourne I think! I will arrive in London next week, travelling around before the tour, what about you?

Will organise a time for us all to meet up before for some drinks would be good. Looks like most of us will be solo travellers :slight_smile:



hey stevo :slight_smile:
half full hmm might be a good thing to have a smaller group!


Hi all, I’m Tristan from Melbourne, aged 26 and i am very excited about the tour ahead. Another solo traveller. Spending 4 days before in London and also staying at the clink the night before. A catch up the night before sounds good. Hope all is well?


Good to see everyone is also traveling alone.
I arrive in London on the 28th Alana. Staying at the Clink for the 3 nights before. My cousen lives in london, so I shall be seeing what he is up to. Other than that, i expect to be very busy every day looking around and visiting the pubs :slight_smile:
I look forward to having a drink with you guys the night before and maybe even meet up with you Alana a few days before the tour :slight_smile:


Hi Tristian, good to see another on tour :slight_smile:
Hey Jason, I arrive in London next week but travelling around the UK so only back the day before the tour to stay at Clink.
Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hey guys! Yep I’m staying at the clink 2 nights before. We definitely should all meet for a drink! It’s good to see more people are going alone like me, can’t wait. Can’t wait to meet everyone, it’s great we’re all around the same age! Jason, would love to chat! :slight_smile:


hey guys, what do you rekon meet up the night before the tour at the clink’s bar? hopefully the one’s who are staying a few extra days before we can catch up earlier but if we all meet up then it would be a good start to the tour. be good to chat with yas all before we leave.


Hi guys. I’m Lucy and 24 from Dunedin, NZ. I’m also traveling solo and will be at the clink for 3 days before the tour starts. It would be awesome to catch up with anyone who will be around : )


I’ll be at the Clink for 3 days beforehand too! Love to catch up for a drink beforehand, am glad not the only one going solo!


heyyy whats uppp???
im heading on this trip too!!!
im with 1 friend!!!
we are both from melbourne, we just live in london. a catch up sesh sounds good.
solo or not solo…im sure we will all be friends by the end of it!!!
cant wait!!! 26 days to go :smiley:


Hey everyone , I’m Daniel 22, from melbourne but living in London at the moment, Coming on this trip with a friend.
Be awesome to meet a few peeps before the trip for a few drinks tho :wink:

Oh wait, just realised, Matts my friend hahaaha


Hey everyone, I’m Michael, 28 and I am also from Melbourne. I am heading on this tour solo. First time in Europe for me. I have actually booked in to stay at the Clink the night before the tour leaves. It would be great to catch up for a drink and get to know a few of you before we head off.


Hey all!

Im Shayne, I’m 28, from Perth/Melbourne… In Perth at the moment… Flyin solo on this trip… Will def be keen to have beers before hand… I leave Perth on the 29th Sept, arrive in London 30th Sept…

Lookin forward to a wicked time! ;D


Hello Everyone :),

This is vishal here from Wellington, NZ. Me and my friend will join you guys on 1st October in Paris… Looking forward to see you all there…

Cheers… :o)



is everyone keen to catch up the night before our tour at the Clink Hostel bar for a few drinks? 6pm?


Hi Guys,

6pm night before sounds good! I stayed at the Clink for 2 nights the other week, pretty big place! Be warned, showers weren’t so great lol
Looking forward to it, see you all Friday :slight_smile: