European getaway departing 9th July 2016?


Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone is departing from Brisbane and heading on the 20 day European getaway departing London on the 9th of July 2016! If you are heading over on this tour I would love to hear from you.
Alana :blush:


Hi Alana!
i am going on this trip! leaving from perth though :slight_smile:


Omg that’s so exciting. You traveling over alone or are you travelling with friends?


i am travelling with a friend! how about you?


I’m travelling alone :blush::blush:


awesome! are you staying longer in London before or after the trip?


I’m staying in London for 3 days before the tour starts and then when we are leaving Amsterdam I fly to Athens and do 10 day Greek island hopping. If you wanted to email me. My email is


Would you be in England before the tour or after?


wow that sounds like fun!
we are meeting the tour in paris and then staying in london for 4 days after the trip


It’s so exciting. It’s coming up so quickly!


Hi Alana and Bre! Just booked in for this trip. It’s the first time I’ve ever been overseas and I’m travelling solo, so feeling just a little freaked out! :open_mouth: Leaving from Melbourne though. I’ll be in London 2 days before the tour starts. :slight_smile:


I have started a group on Facebook for this tour called Topdeck Travel European Getaway Tour 9th July - 28th July 2016. Feel free to join. It will be nice to get to know each other before the tour starts :relaxed:


hi Bettina!!! how exciting! i have never travelled to europe either but its going to be so much fun!
i will find the group on facebook :smile:
i hope more people are going on this trip haha


Hi, I am booked on the Roman chariot tour leaving London on the 9th of July.
I have been told that we will be travelling with people on longer tours and I have looked at the itinerary for the European getaway and you go to the exact places that I’m going expect I will be finishing in Rome so there is a good chance we might be on the same tour for part of the way :slight_smile: I’m travelling with two of my friends we are all 21 from Tasmania and would love to meet new people :slight_smile:


Hi Moniquee

Hopefully you are on our trip! i’m getting so excited as we get closer :grinning:


Yay more people. I turn 21 in may :champagne::tada: excited to meet you girls and monique add Topdeck European Getaway tour from 9th July - 28th July 2016 on Facebook


Me too :slight_smile: it was a really spontaneous decision for us to go but so happy we made the decision :grinning: Even if we aren’t on the same tour I will see you at wombats hostel :slight_smile: I’ve looked for the Facebook group but I chat find it :frowning:


I’m staying at Wombat’s hostel too! :grin: When are you and your friends arriving in London Moniquee? I’m travelling on my own, so it would be great to have some company when I get to London :slight_smile: Lol you guys make me feel old! :grimacing: Did you manage to find the group on Facebook Moniquee?

Hey Moniquee, it won’t let me make another post on here for some reason, but if you want to get in touch my email is


We will arrive in London on the 6th we are staying in a hotel for the first couple of nights but staying at wombats the night before the tour. No I can’t find it :frowning: could you possible send me a link?


I arrive into London on the 5th at night so I will have to meet up with you girls when you arrive :blush:I’m getting a hop on hop off bus ticket to travel around while I’m there, are you girls planning on going to all the touristy places when you get there??