European Getaway departing 30th April 2016


Hey everyone,
Was just wondering if anyone is going on this trip, me and my friend are planning on going but she might not be able to so was wondering if anyone wanted to meet/ talk beforehand so we at least know someone before arriving :slight_smile:


Hiiiiii!! I’m just about to choose which tour and book this weekend…what attracted you to European Getaway as opposed to the other tours? Cat (NZ)


Sorry about the late reply. I chose this one because I wanted to be able to visit most countries in Europe without being away from home for a few months and because I am able to afford it :slight_smile: Which one did you end up choosing? Brodie (AUS)


HI Brodie! I have booked as of today for this tour. Fingers crossed it gets guaranteed soon as I see it is still unlocked. Did your friend pull out of the trip in the end?



No, she booked at the same time as me!! Cannot wait, I’m so excited and its still over 5 months away!


Cool, when do you arrive in London? Are you planning on staying on afterwards or just this trip and then home?


Arrive in London on the 26th April. Yeah; I’m staying in London until the 22nd May. How about you?


I’ll be staying on indefinitely…making the big move over for the OE! Bit scary… Hmm where are the others going on this trip? I can see it just got confirmed and I just paid the full balance… My bank acct is so sad now!!!


I haven’t paid anymore towards mine except for the deposit :frowning: Just brought a car so I’m completely broke right now. Saving up though!


Hi guys! :smile: I’ve booked this trip recently! I know I’m a bit late to this thread buuuut I just wanted to get to know people beforehand as I’m going solo as well. Are you guys staying at wombats hostel before/after? - Erika (Syd)


I’m staying at Wombats before but no after, what about you? When do you fly into London?


Cool! I’ll be arriving in London on the 28th (arvo) and leaving on the 22nd and I’ll be at wombats. Should see you about! You’ll be sightseeing around London on those days? Also, random question i hope you don’t mind me asking, what sort of bag do you reckon you’ll take? Suitcase or backpack? Ive read lots of mixed opinions haha. :slight_smile:


I’ll be in London from the 26th. Yeah I’ll be sightseeing. I’m going to be taking a suitcase and I’m pretty sure you can take a carry on too?


Also leaving in the 22nd


Mm yeah they say day pack or handbag as well. Ooo quite similar, sounds good! Not long til the trip now eh!


not long til the trip @erikaj @brodierawr !! excited!!


I’m definitely counting down the days!


I just booked in wombats seeing as you’re both staying there too. Didn’t want to be left out even though I have a place to stay in London @brodierawr @erikaj


Nice! Will see you there then! Looking forward to it :smiley:


Hi everyone - I have just booked this trip!!! I’m 18, from Australia, going solo! Very excited. Looks like it will be a good trip. I’ll be staying at Wombats the night before too, will be good to meet you all.:smiley: