European Getaway (Departing 3 October 09)


G’Day Fellow Top-Deckers! :)[br][br]Just a quick post to see if there is anyone else booked into this tour? My partner and I just paid our final deposit and would love to get a sneak peak as to who we will be travelling with and where everyone is from!! :)[br][br]Excited as ever,[br]Bec and Russ[br]Sydney, Australia[br][br]Becky and Russell[br]European Getaway - Dept 3rd Oct-22 Oct 2009[br]From Sydney, Australia


Hey bec and russ.[br]Im booked on same tour with 2 of my friends. We are 3 single girls of ages between 24 and 30.[br]All on our first tour and our first overseas trip.[br]Looking forward to the trip but nervous too!![br]:slight_smile: