European Getaway Dep. 9th Aug 2007


HI…[br]I’m booked on the European Getaway Departing on the 9th August… I can’t wait!!. I’ll be doing the Greek Islands before the tour, then 3 days in London before the tour starts. Would love to hear from anybody that is going on this tour. I’m counting down the days. Michelle


Hi my friend an I are doing this tour we get to london on the 1st of august :)[br]its getting close now! cant waitt


Nice to see that i’m not the only one on that tour. Can’t wait![br]I’m Marie from Canada.


My travel agent has informed me that this is a sold out tour…[br]I’m counting down the days. I’m Michelle from Sydney…


Hi Everyone… [br]I’m Crystalle from Newcastle Australia and i’m also going on this tour. I’m really looking forward to the trip (actually cant wait). I’m flying into London on the 24th July for 2 weeks then i’m staying at GlobeTrotter Inn the night before our trip leaves. Anyone else staying there?[br][br]Crystalle :o)


wow sold out thats great! should be good. 35 days until I fly out. [br]I’m Tegan from Perth and my friends name is Mary-Anne


Hi Tegan,[br]What day do you fly out? I’m too lazy to count my days let alone yours…lol… Where are you staying in London?[br][br]Crystalle :o)


haha fly out on the 1st of august, staying with an auntie I’ve got over there, and maybe globetrotter the day before, how bout you?


haha sorry I just realised you’d already written it all! where are you staying for the rest of the 2 weeks your in london for?


I will arrive in London the day before the tour and hopefully one of you will be able to show me around.:)[br][br]I will also stay the 28th at the Globetrotter and fly the 29th because there are no flights to Canada after 5pm. How many of you will stay after the tour?[br]


Hi Teegs,[br]I’m staying with a friend in london for the majority of the two weeks but am also heading up to edinburgh for a few days and then up to inverness (loch ness)too. I check into Globetrotter the night before the departure and will stay there the day we get back into london post tour and fly home the next day :([br]i leave in 19 days–YAY–[br][br][br]Crystalle :o)


Hi Marie,[br]I’m also flying out on the 29th - my flight is a 12pm what about yours?[br][br]Crystalle :o)


Hi Crystalle,[br][br]mine is at 10am.


Hello everyone,[br][br]My name is Ching-Nee, I’m from Melbourne. I’m staying at the Globetrotter the night before the tour, and I will also be in London after the tour until Sep 3 staying with my cousin! Anyone want to explore London with me? :)[br][br]chingers


Hi Ching-Nee my friend Mary-Anne and I will be in London from the 1st of August and she goes home the day after the tour but I’ll be there til about the 6th september. We’re staying with my auntie…Can’t wait!! 8 days til we fly out.[br]See you in London! [br]tegan.