European Getaway August 2011


Hi Guys :slight_smile:
Im needing help on knowing what to pack!
Do I need to pack a sleeping bag or something like that?
Iv got a suitcase thats 70cmx41cmx27cm is that ok?
Should I be taking a small back pack for the walking/day tours?
Is there anywhere on the site that could tell me on what im needing to bring?

I was thinking of doing this tour on the 6th August until the 25th August, il be travelling solo, Im a 20 year old Aussie girl. Is anyone else going on this tour around this time?

Cheers Guys
Natasha :slight_smile:


Hi Natasha,

In terms of luggage allowance, each passenger is allowed to bring one main bag, plus a day pack. The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 20kg and fit generally within the following dimensions: 70cmx45cmx25cm.

On most EuroClub trips bedding is provided. However if you are on a trip that goes Flotilla Sailing in Greece bedding is not provided on the yachts so we suggest you bring a sleeping bag.

A small back pack or bag during the day is extremely handy. You can bring this on-board the coach and take it with you during the day. You’ll be able to store your wallet/purse, camera, waterbottle, sweater or any other daily/sightseeing essentials as you travelling about in cities.

You’ll receive a suggested packing list along with your personal trip documents 6 weeks prior to your departure. If you’re keen to start planning your pack now however, here is a suggested clothing list to help you along. This should be used as a guide only - after all, everyone is different! Clothing lists can vary greatly from one person to the next, so please bear this in mind. However, we are sure you will find the information in general to be very useful.

As a general rule, pack light! People invariably bring more than they need, and you will have to transport it around before and after the trip, as well as in and out of the accommodation during the trip! Remember also that during your trip you are bound to find items that you may wish to buy, so leave room in your luggage for additional purchases.

The following clothing list is suggested, based on our experience:
• 1 pair of walking shoes
• 1 pair of smart casual shoes
• 1 pair thongs / jandals / flip-flops
• 2 pairs jeans / trousers
• 2 pairs shorts / skirts
• 4 shirts / t-shirts
• 2 sweaters / jumpers
• Smart casual evening wear
• 1 rainproof jacket
• 1 warm jacket
• Underwear and socks!
General things to pack:
• Swimming costume
• Towel
• Toiletries
• Basic medical kit (inc. plasters, aspirin etc)
• Washing powder
• Insect repellent
• Conversion plug
• Sewing kit
• Sleeping sheet / sleeping bag liner
• Pillow case
• Torch

Please be aware that most things you might want to bring, for instance towel, washing powder, insect repellent etc. are easily purchased in Europe or in London before your trip starts.

Entry into some religious sights, such as Cathedrals, requires clothing to cover knees, chest and shoulders.

Hope this info helps!
Cheers, Topdeck Team


That saved my life :slight_smile: haha ;D
Cheers heaps for that


Sorry again,
So there will be washing machines and things like that where we are staying that we will be able to use?


Hi! I did the European Getaway in August last year- you will have an AMAZING time!

There are washing machines available just about every hostel/campsite, but always limited numbers. Pack light, but pack layers as some days will be warm, but maybe a little rain. I ended up with 2 smaller ‘day bags’ that I bought along the way because I bought so many souvenirs, and it was all good!


Hi Natasha, i am a 20 year old girl, from england looking to do this trip too!! im travelling solo too!!
i havent booked it yet as i am just getting my funds together but like the look of the tour! would be great to speak beforehand and to attempt to find other travellers!!
Justine :slight_smile:


Hello Natasha,
My name is Grace, and I am from the US. My sister and I will be on this trip with you as well.