European Getaway august 11th or 25th


Hi there,

I am thinking of doing the european getaway tour, either august 11th or 25th. I have never done a tour like this before, and would be going solo so am very nervous. I am coming from Sydney, Australia.

Is anyone else doing this tour?



I am :slight_smile:
I am from Auckland, NZ, traveling solo and doing this tour on the 11th of August. :slight_smile:


Oh yay! Thatโ€™s awesome. I just booked for the 11th :slight_smile:


Awesome! we have created a facebook group if you have facebook and want to connect :slight_smile: Search โ€œTopdeck - European Getaway (11th-30th August 2018)โ€ :slight_smile:


I shall do that. Thankyou :slight_smile: