European Getaway Aug 28th


Hi everyone![br][br]Just booked in for my first Topdeck trip and although its my first trip flying solo im pumped! [br][br]Was wondering if anyone else was going on this tour? [br][br]Chose this tour so I can get to the Oktoberfest for opening ceremony, anybody else going? Been hanging to get to the beerfest for about 4 years, and its finally gonna happen, cant wait![br][br]After that I am looking at winging it for a couple of weeks, see where the world takes me, before flying back to Melb (with a stopover in HK). Does anyone have any ideas on what are must see places that arent on this trip? Have done plenty of research and want to see Croatia & Ireland, but keen to see what other people think or what others are doing. [br][br]Cheers[br]Adam


Still no-one booked on this tour?[br][br]Might be hanging out by myself, haha…