European Getaway Aug 23 - Sept 11


Hello!! Im doing the Euro Getaway starting on the 23 August, is anybody else??[br][br]Im going by myself and I have never been out of New Zealand before, so it would be cool if there was somebody else!![br][br]Let me know!


Hey Bridgey[br][br]I’m on your tour. Pretty damn exciting isn’t it? I’ve been to New Zealand twice and Indonesia twice but this is my first trip to Europe. I’m actually planning to stay for 18months and thought I’d do a tour first.[br][br]Looking forward to meeting you.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Kris


Hey Kris,[br][br]Im so glad to hear from somebody else on the tour! [br][br]Yes it is so exciting, not far away now either. Im in Europe for 3 months all up. Just travelling and doing lots of different tours, but this is the only one through Topdeck. [br][br]Hear from ya soon! [br][br]Bridgey


HEY! ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE ON OUR TOUR???[br][br]I would have thought more people on our tour would have used the forums by now. I’m checking it most days. Ridiculously excited. Not sure whether it’s the tour, moving to London or just the fact that I have quit my job and only have a few weeks to go here. Thank god, so over it![br][br]Bought a few bits and pieces for the trip the other day so it’s started feeling real. Got a sleeping bag insert (apparently it’s good to use in case there are bedbugs), a travel clothesline, a neck pillow (for the bus/plane), a money belt and a handful of little padlocks.[br][br]Under 3 months to go now…


Hey there I’m currently looking in to this tour any ideas on what the age range is. Will be my 1st trip on my own so curious to know if there will be people my age. I’m 29 :frowning:


Hello! [br][br]Im on this tour and im 19, going by myself. I don’t think age really matters when you are there. Everyone is out to have a good time and meet new people so it isnt really that important! You should definitly do it!! :slight_smile:


well my managers said I can have the time off I guess its all now in the hands of american express :-[


Hey Bennyboy! I’m 26 and really hoping that our tour won’t be all teenagers (no offence Bridgey). I’m sure we’ll have an awesome time anyway, I just don’t want to be the grandma of our group.[br][br]Besides, I don’t want to be solely responsible for corrupting all the young and innocent on the tour }:)[br][br]Kris[br]xxx


Well I’m all booked up now. Anyone else on the forum actually going on this trip I’m sure it can’t just be the 3 of us


HI GUYS… [br]YEAH i didn’t see our forum dates till now, i thought i was too early to be catching up with people so terrific to meet you all! So now there is 4!!! Maybe the Fantastic Four. [br]Anyway my name is Tash (Natasha ‘but only when im really in trouble’) Im 28…so don’t worry benny (i don’t think it will matter what age we are as long as we have fun)… my first trip to europe 2… have been to NZ twice like Kris so are you north island or south Bridgey? The only other place overseas ive been is East Timor on a volunteer trip so… great to be able to chat to you all, its finally starting to make it feel real that were going!! [br]Hey as anyone caught the take on the ticket stuff in the tips re:louve what are your thoughts should we pre buy? Gotta run but chat more soon!! YEah 8 weeks till we party hard. Take care Tash


Hey Tash,[br][br]Nice to know it’s more than just the three of us. Have emailed Bridgey a few times and Ben and I are going to be old mates before we even meet.[br][br]Haven’t looked into pre-purchasing tickets but I hear that the Lourve is ok if you use the alternate underground entrance as opposed to the glass pyramid entrance. [br][br]Where in Australia are you from? I’m in Sydney. Send me an email sometime.


Hey Tash[br][br]welcome to the trip, nice to see theres another pensioner going.[br][br]I haven’t even thought about pre booking tickets or anything like that yet I’ve just been surprised by the size of a camping bag so still recovering from the shock of that.[br][br]Lourve is normally well busy but I think that and the copy of the blackpool tower are worth a vist (your learn all about the blackpool tower when you get here)


Hi Tash! [br][br]Good to hear from somebody else on the tour. I don’t know anything about pre-booking yet but will look into it now that I have finished exams. Im from the North Island in NZ. Where abts are you from in Australia? Thats wicked about your volunteer trip, would love to do something like that. [br][br]Has anybody recieved the pre-tour info packs with the itinery etc in them yet??


hey guys you can get the itinery etc from the sight[br][br][br][br][br][br]


Oh cool thanks so much!! have to sit down and have a good read


Theres some good optional extra’s on there plenty of stuff to be doing thats for sure


Hi Guys… sorry have been flat out… did check out your websites though you guys put me to shame…shame i say shame…unfortunatly i havent put one together… At the moment im in the process of moving house so once all the boxes are packed i can fully concentrate on getting the most out of this adventure!!! [br]Ive been living in Wagga Wagga nsw since christmas… still undecided if its where im likely to stay for a long time or little i guess i will see how i feel after we get back…oh & i have a foot fettish by the way… not definately not…but i am a podiatrist hope you wont hold that against me : ) take care! Hey who is landing in london early & wants to catch up for drinks? i fly in 20th… : ) T


Thanks heaps Benny for pre-departure link info also awesome some really terrific extras too however i think the best way will be to see how the day takes you…so to speak : )


Hey Tash, ah guited moving house is so annoying!![br]I arrive in on the 19th, staying with some friends in London, and staying the night of the 22nd at the globetrotter. Im definitly keen to meet up before hand! Im going to be so lost those first few days, haha should be laugh finding my way around London. ;)[br][br]Ctchya later, Bri


I’m not arriving in London until the 22nd but I will definitely catch up with you guys that night at the Globetrotter. I can’t believe how fast it’s approaching, I’m starting to freak out a little now. I have so much to do before I move to London!!!