European Getaway April 2013


Hi Everyone, I’m looking at the European Getaway tour departing either 13 or 27 April, travelling solo. Just wondering if anyone out there is also looking at this tour?


Now confirmed for 27 April departure along with 2 friends! If anyone else has booked this tour, let me know :slight_smile:


Hi Sharn just got back from the travel agent then, been looking at this tour for awhile now… At this stage I’m a 90% chance of being on the 27th April as well… I’m going solo, looking forward to the new adventure…


Hi Andrew, Great to hear from someone else going on this tour! Have you booked yet?
Hopefully April will come around very quickly!!


I planned to travel in July 2013.


Yes Sharn all booked in for the 27th can’t wait ;D Heading to Egypt first for 10 days, so I get into London 4 days before the tour starts, so I get a little chance to look around London before starting Europe … Have you heard from anyone else that’s going on the tour…??


Awesome! My friends and I are going to be in London for a few days as well! I haven’t heard from anyone else, but it’s still pretty early. I would say more people will join a bit closer to the date.
I can’t wait!!!


Damn, I’m starting April 6!


If you get the phone app Topdeck Meet you can join the list of people going on our tour…


Im starting April 6th too, but I get in on the 2nd so I have a few days to settle in!