European Getaway April 19th.. Moulin Rouge


Is there anyone going on this tour interested in going to the Moulin Rouge?


Hey there[br][br]Im going on this tour as well… I think you emailed me yeah??[br][br]I think i will go to Moulin Rouge… ive heard its expensive and that but think it would be worth it… maybe see what other options they give us:)[br][br]Have you recieved your travel documents?? I havent yet… cant wait!! Are you staying t Globetrotter Inn before/after the tour??? Im staying 2 nights before and 5 nighst after.[br]


Hey hey yeah thats me… ive got my travel documents, the cabaret show on the first night isnt the moulin rouge but my travel agent has spoken to topdeck and it can be organised to go there, it will be 50 euros i think to get there though, and then $150 to actually go… except i really want to go the moulin rouge but my travel agent said i probs wont enojoy it on my own… so if u want to come with me i can organise it, ill call tomorrow to get the actual prices and then let u know… but it would be so good!! i leave in a week… its so close!! talk soon


hey how r u,[br][br]im on this tour aswell, i cant wait to leave, 3 weeks till i fly out!!![br]this moulin rouge show, what is it actually??? like ballet or cabaret show???[br][br]Marco[br]