European Getaway Apr 30-May 19 2011


Just wondering if anyone has booked this tour yet? I am thinking about booking this.


Hi there,

Yes i have booked and am going on this tour…Should be very good i hope.

Come along…should be fun…


I just booked today. Cant wait :slight_smile:


Hey, my best friend and I are also going on this trip!


Hey, was just browsing the boards and I noticed your going on the same tour as I am! I’m also Canadian, from Toronto. Just thought i’d touch base.:slight_smile:


Hey yes I sure am. I’m from Red Deer alberta. Are you guys going to London a few days before or what are ur plans?



Were going to reach London on the 29th, a day before. We have exams so we had to push back our flight to accommodate that. What about you, what are your plans?


Um to be honest I am not sure when I am going to be getting there yet because I have not booked my flights yet. I am thinking prob a day or 2 ahead and then a couple days afterwards maybe. How long are you guys staying after or are you going home the next day? Also where are u guys staying before hand?


Well i have to be back on the 20th, so we’re leaving the next day. I called the top deck people and they said we get back to London on the 19th around 9:00pm. So im catching the earliest flight into Toronto. I think we may just be getting a hotel, whichever one is closest to Gatwick airport, or to the Clink hostel so we can get there by 6am:P

It may just be easier to talk via facebook. Do you want to PM me your full name, then i’ll add you. I can’t be looked up on fb:P


Cool…looks like i’ll meet some canadian in europe…go figure…
I’ll be joining you guys in paris later in the first day of the tour…
Going to iceland after we return to London if you looking for some ideas…



I have just recently booked this trip and am really looking forward to it!

Is anyone else travelling on their own or staying at the Clink Hostel, London on Friday 29th April 2011?



One more Canadian to add to the mix! I just booked my trip today and am so excited!

Stacey I’m on my own and I booked to stay at the Clink Hostel for the 29th. I haven’t booked flights yet so I’m not sure what day I’m arriving.



Hi, I am on my own as well and more then likely staying at the Clink hostel but have not booked it yet.
Pamela…where abouts it canada are you from?



Hi Everyone,

I am from Canada too and I just booked my stay at the Clink Hostel for the 29th!


I created a facebook group that everyone who is going can join called: European Getaway April 30th, 2011


Hi All,

I just booked this tour as well. From Sydney, Australia :slight_smile: So excited! :slight_smile:


Hey Candace,

I’m in Calgary! Megan, I couldn’t seem to find the fb group? not sure what I’m doing wrong…?


Hey Pamela… that is awesome that you are from Calgary…Im from red deer it is such a small world. I am getting so excited for the trip.


Another one travelling from Vancouver, Canada! woo hoo … I’m so excited … this should be fun!