European getaway 9th june!


booked my european getaway from 9th june-28th june.
whos going? would be awesome to meet some people before i go ;D ;D


Hey Emily I am Jaden I am as well If you cheak out my posts there are a few other people I think there names are holly olivia melony and one other but it is nice to meet you Emily ;D


and sarah :slight_smile: only 70 more days ;D


hey liv and jaden, i’m going on this trip too! go to our tour forum on facebook if you havent already :slight_smile: can’t wait to meet you both!


awesome, i cant wait :slight_smile: nice to meet you’s!


Hay guys i’m a solo traveller and i’m a little nervous but i was thinking about going on the european getaway on the 9th of june i was just wondering who was thinking about going on the same tour so i could maybe get to know some people before i go :slight_smile:


hey nadege!

i’m travelling solo on this trip :slight_smile: if you look on other posts for this tour there’s about 10 people (that I know of) booked on it too.


hey nadege!
I am a solo traveler as well there are lots of people booked on this trip, emily, sarah,olivia,pheebs,holly,melonyand myself thats the list so far. only 66 more days ;D


oh great good to know there’s some more solo travellers makes me feel better!! Haha i know it’s not very far away now!!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys. Im a solo traveller too. wee bit nervous but super excited.only 3 weeks til i leave little old NZ. Whos staying at clink hostel before we leave?? B-)


Hey guys!
I’m booked on this trip, solo traveller as well! I can’t wait, just over 3 weeks til the trip starts ;D
I’m staying at the Clink the night before, what about everyone else?


Hey Kerryn. Solo traveller also. SOOO excited. Im staying at clink for 3 nights on each side of tour. Is real cool to meet some people before we leave. sounds like most of us are solo. 19 days til i leave our big smoke YAY ;D


Hey everyone,

Sarah and I are both staying at Clink 3 days either side of the tour! We will all have to find each other some how :slight_smile: SO excited! Not long now! Is anyone moving to the UK after the tour, or are you just doing a holiday?

I have tried commenting on the FB app, but my comments will never load for some reason.

Liv :slight_smile:


Hey Rachel, 19 days til I leave too! Are you leaving from Auckland? How funny would it be if we were on the same flight as well haha

Liv - I’ve been having the same problem with the app, I’ve just given up on it!
I’m just there on holiday but kind of as a look-see as well coz i want to move there soon :slight_smile: Are you moving there?


Yep, both Sarah and I have our 2 year visas all sorted and will look for work after the tour! We’ll both be coming from Christchurch the weekend before the tour starts :slight_smile:



Hey Kerryn. I leave from Auckland on June 5th at midnight. Also having trouble with the fb page. this seems to work much better. That would be cool if we were on the same flight.
ANd Liv… Awsome to hear some other people will be there as long as me. would be cool to maybe hang out in London. Not so scary with others haha. SOOO excited ;D


Oh I leave 8am on the 5th so not the same flight… Would def be cool to catch up in London before the tour starts :slight_smile: I’ve never been anywhere so big im a bit nervous haha. Can’t wait though ;D

Liv you guys must be so excited! My friend moved over there recently and she had a job within 2 weeks so you should be sweet!


I never have either Kerryn but feel much better now iv spoken to a couple of you. We will have to try find each other at clink. EXCITED!!!


Good to hear about your friend and their job Kerryn. We have the agents on to it for us, so hopefully they have something lined up for us when we get back :slight_smile:



is anyone travelling from perth, australia?

& me and my friend Rhianne are both doing this tour together. staying at the clink two nights before hand :slight_smile: