European Getaway 9 June - 29 June



I’ve just booked myself on the European Getaway that leaves on the 9th June. Has anyone else booked this trip?

I’ll be travelling solo so it’d be great to meet a few people before it actually starts!

:slight_smile: Phoebe


im going on the same trip :slight_smile:


hey pheebs I am a solo traveler as well no worries i am going on this trip as well check out some of my posts and you will meet the others ;D ;D Jaden


Hey my friend Sarah and I are on this tour as well!

You guys should jump onto this facebook link on the Topdeck page and search for our tour group :slight_smile:!/TopdeckTravel/app_125608680858382

Olivia :slight_smile:


hey emily, jaden and olivia!

i’ll be staying at the clink hostel the night before and probably after the trip too, so we should all meet up in london before the trip!

so glad that i’m not the only one travelling solo - i’m looking forward to meeting some new people, and visiting some new places :slight_smile:

here’s the link to our tour on the facebook “meet people” app, so jump on there!

look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


(would be good if i actually attached the link)