European Getaway 7th July?


I’m Miriam, 18 years from Australia. I just booked on the European Getaway tour that departs July 7th! Has anyone else booked on this tour? Would love to get to know any of your before the tour starts :slight_smile:
Hopefully hear from someone soon! :slight_smile:


Hey Miriam, my names Anthony and Im 20 from brisbane. So its good to see another young aussie on this tour. I really cant wait for this trip to start, should be amazing :slight_smile:


No way! I’m from Noosa on the Sunny Coast.
Yeah, so glad there will be at least one other young person on the tour! I was freaking it would be me and all these 30 year olds, haha. I assume you’re on Facebook? There’s a Topdeck app on the Topdeck facebook page that lets you talk to other people on this tour, so you should check it out. Yeah, me too! So many amazing places we’re visiting.
Look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:


Hey Miriam!
My names Kirsten, I’m from Sydney & am heading on the same tour :wink: Can’t wait!!!


Yay another aussie haha together we will be a formidable force lol
Are you staying in the clink hostel pre/post trip too kirsten? and yeah you should suss out the topdeck meet app also :slight_smile:


Another Aussie!! My name’s Laura, I’m from Sydney too! Really looking forward to this trip! I’ll be staying at Clink the night before the tour starts as well :slight_smile:


Great hopefully we will all catch up at the clink then, b4 the trip :slight_smile: 5 weeks today until i leave for the uk so excited :slight_smile: feel free to find us on the facebook app if you want to contact before then see ya :smiley:


I’d recommend getting an easy to use tube map on your phone, London can be quite overwhelming place to travel in especially when you see people rushing for tubes, adds a sense of urgency :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone! I’m Martha from México, I’m also in this trip,it’s my first trip to Europe traveling solo, I also booked in the clink hostel for pre and post trip , see everyone there!


Hey guys yet another Aussie…
Im Amy from Melbourne, Starting to get really excited now cant wait!!!
i will also be staying at the clink :slight_smile:
Are most of you guys traveling by yourselves to?


Hey Amy:) yes im also traveling by myself, really excited to be going solo actually haha
Dont suppose you have your induction pack yet, pretty sure we should be getting it in an email soon, thats when it will really start to kick in and I’ll start counting down the days! :smiley: